Yassin Chaary, candidate for 2nd constituency: “We were all born at Dreux hospital”

It is no coincidence that Yassin Chaary chose the hospital environment to officially announce his candidacy for the parliamentary election.

Admittedly, this 35-year-old Drouais is very attached to the Dreux hospital and knows what “eminent role he plays with a population that often struggles to find a general practitioner and even more so a specialist”. But for him, the hospital is also a symbol of his connection to his hometown.

Prefers rapeseed over sunflower

Yassin Chaary campaigned for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the presidential election. But he finally made the decision to present his candidacy outside the political party: “It is a citizens’ candidacy because I really want there to be more social and cultural diversity in the National Assembly”.

In Dreux, the popular cities lost their master Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Clearly, Yassin Chaary and his campaign team know they are expected at the transition to communitarianism. A criticism that the young employee of a social landlord and coach of a football club strokes aside with the back of his hand against the backdrop of a hospital.

“We were all born there, in this maternity ward. More broadly, living together, we know how to do it, it’s our way of living in our neighborhoods, in college, in high school. At Oriel’s football field, we welcome “When children come from Saulnières or Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre, they have the same snack as the others. We do not discriminate.”

Yassin Chaary (law candidate)

His motives are also essentially social: “More satisfactory wages for caregivers, the freezing of prices to avoid impoverishment of families, as we see more and more, the shift of agricultural production in favor of sunflower rapeseed oil and no longer dependent of Ukraine … “


As for the financing of his campaign, he plays on transparency: “We appeal to donations with the possibility of tax exemption. We want a pure campaign to remain independent”.

The Dreux Our Future Together list in the local elections

The press conference ends, it’s time for Yassin Chaary and his team to go to the Sunday market, place de Verdun. It is a promise: “Even if I am elected, I will continue to live in the Croix-Tiénac and go and drink tea at the Sunday market”.

November 16, 1986. Yassin Chaary’s birth in Dreux. March 2020. Yassin Chaary is part of the citizens’ list running in the local elections in Dreux led by Ali Ben Akki.
2021 Yassin Chaary takes over the chairmanship of the Oriels football club and relaunches it.
April 2022 Yassin Chaary is campaigning for Jean-Luc Mélenchon as president.

Purchasing power. “I hope that measures will be taken to increase the minimum wage, combined with price freezes, to enable people to make ends meet on a daily basis.”
Hospital. “The public hospital must have the funds to continue its mission, especially by training more nurses, for example by expanding IFSI in Dreux. »
Relocation. “We need to move our industrial and agricultural production. And at the same time educate people to consume better, which will support producers. »

Valerie Beaudoin

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