10 websites to get inspired

1. Behance, inspired by Adobe

It’s hard to start this list without mentioning Behance! Edited by Adobe, this website allows design professionals to showcase their creative projects. The platform offers two functions:

  • Share content: Internet users have the possibility to create a personal profile to publish and exchange their creations with other members of the site, through interaction functions (likes, comment space, etc.),
  • Find inspiration: Behance provides a search bar where you can type in keywords to access content available on the platform. Under the different categories: site design, images, illustration, UI/UX interface, photography, logo, motion…
Discover Behance. © CaptureBDM

You can also subscribe to the @Behance Instagram account for a good dose of daily inspiration.

2. Awwwards, an overview of the most beautiful websites

Awwwards is a platform that highlights the most innovative web designs. Web design professionals, developers and agencies can submit their sites for an award or nomination. Among the evaluated criteria: design, creativity, UX and content. The platform is therefore an excellent way to access the most popular websites, thus getting inspired for your own needs.

During your research you can rely on different filters: prizes obtained, categories, keywords, technologies used or even colors used and country of origin.

awwwards site
Check out Awwwards. © CaptureBDM

3. Dribbble, a complete resource

Dribbble is a platform that brings together many graphic projects, in all areas: animation, branding, illustrations, typography, web design… And on all subjects! Like Behance, Dribbble also allows design professionals to create their portfolio on the site and interact with other creators, thanks to its likes and comments features.

A good source for inspiration, but also to get noticed by publishing your projects!

dribble site
Discover Dribble. © CaptureBDM

4. Brutalistic Websites, Getting Out of the Box

Brutalist Websites is a platform that, as the name suggests, offers a selection of websites whose design is inspired by the brutalist movement. Here the keyword is creativity. The rules of UX and web design are being swept away to make way for original sites, stylized typography, intricate graphics and explosive colors, all in a happy mess. And at a time when the web is becoming more and more standardized, it doesn’t hurt to see different things. Surprise effect guaranteed!

Check out brutalist websites. © CaptureBDM

5. ArtStation, the featured video game universe

ArtStation is a website of Epic Games (the creator of Fortnite), which brings together many portfolios of design professionals specializing in video games, online entertainment and cinema. To get inspired, you have access to a search bar and different themes: sketches, animated characters, 3D, augmented reality, fantasy…

The creations offered on ArtStation are of high quality and many video game studios come to recruit their designers through the platform.

artstation website
Discover ArtStation. © CaptureBDM

6. DeviantArt, a large community of artists

DeviantArt is one of the oldest creative content sharing platforms. Launched in 2000, the site brings together a very large community of artists who share their creations: digital art, photography, 3D, pixel art, painting, sculpture… It is also possible to join groups to interact with other design professionals. discuss. To date, more than 61 million members are registered on DeviantArt.

deviantart website
Have a look at DeviantArt. © CaptureBDM

7. Siteinspire, a selection of the most beautiful websites

Siteinspire is a platform that offers a panel of the most beautiful site designs. In total, more than 7,000 websites are referenced and classified by theme (black and white, vintage, minimalist, black and white, illustrated, etc.) or subject (advertising, animation, architecture, culture, real estate, travel, etc. ). It is possible to save your favorite designs by creating collections.

siteinspire site
Check out SiteInspire. © CaptureBDM

8. Designspiration, inspiration through colors

Designspiration is a site that brings together visual creations (photos, graphics, illustrations, web design, etc.). The platform has a search bar where you can type in keywords, but also offers a colorimetric search function. Select up to 5 colors and be inspired by the creations that appear!

designspiraton site
Discover Designspiration. © CaptureBDM

9. Pinterest, the social network for your creative projects

Pinterest is the ideal social platform to find inspiration and suggest your future creative designs. Defined as a “catalog of ideas”, the social network is full of concepts, images and tutorials available in the form of Pins, shared by 450 million monthly active users. You will find many resources in the field of graphic design, web design, logo, typography…

pinterest website
Check out Pinterest. © CaptureBDM

10. Image Banks, Important Resources for Creativity

Image banks are databases that bring together different resources related to graphic design: photos, illustrations, logos, icons, mockups… They are a great source of inspiration whatever your creative project!

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