Jerome Enez-Vriad. All Christians are children of Israel

Jerome Enez-Vriad. Photo by Matthieu Camille Colin

The impulses of the heart are not reserved for those for whom one experiences feelings of love. They can also feed many nourishing zeal of genuine passions of heart and direction. It can be the passion for an era whose culture we admire … or it for a historical figure … even that for a city with remarkable architecture … but also for a country, it was promised and uenig, an Earth today inhabited by a heterogeneous people, though united and united by the same values, an Earth whose misfortune is not recorded anywhere, in any text, by any prophet; here is what is to be said, repeated, and hammered again: Israel’s misfortune exists only through those who deny her peace.

Let’s look at the ruins where Salome danced … Let’s look at this cavity at the bottom of which John the Baptist was imprisoned … Let’s remember Joshua who stopped the sun in the valley of Avalon … And David, little shepherd , who conquered Goliath … Here is the beach in ‘Ashkelon, where Samson made the acquaintance of the cunning Delilah, who cut his hair to destroy his strength and create his destruction … On this same coast, a whale brought Jonas back to the light of day…

Yes. Let’s see. Let’s see. We remember. And finally, understand that Israel’s collective memory must be an opportunity for unification rather than disagreement. Association between people. All peoples. To be traded by him who took the road to Salem. These were Jews, some of whom became Christians. Anyone interested in synagogues and churches is struck by their friendship.

Synagogues are silent churches. Without bell or drone. God is discreet there because the Jewish spirit does not proselytize. Christian chimes pray for forgiveness for repentant souls. They are reminiscent of what is left of life, strength and hope to protect our eternity. So many useless hypotheses to the Jewish people that do not interpret. Judaism takes note of the facts. Only. Nothing else.

Christians must establish a connection with Israel to rediscover the love of Scripture that is dear to the Jews. History also testifies that Israel needs Christians. It was they, Hebrews or descendants of Hebrews, who made the God of Israel known throughout the world. Those who translated the Hebrew Bible and conveyed its message. But also those who are uniquely ignorant of the Gospels, even though the latter ratify a testimony of Jewish life and faith in the first century. Precious truths emerge that strengthen and enrich the roots of Judaism.

The resurrection of Jesus – precisely the idea that it may have taken place – sets the real difference between Jews and Christians. However, difference does not mean division. There are enough points in common between the children of Abraham and the children of Christ to imagine the doubt about the former and the certainty that the latter are able to come together under favorable auspices. Moreover, the last word of Christ in the suffering on the cross: “Eli, Eli lama sabachtani?” – My God, my God, why did you leave me? », force us to admit that he himself doubted. And from the man who doubts, to the one who thinks there is hardly distance. Thus, no Christian can pretend to be ignorant of uncertainty and doubt, since the comforts of the Spirit, which admit the resurrection of Christ, evoke above all hope in God, not the certainty that he exists.

About ! What is a resurrection?

The word comes from Latin re-emerge – “come up”. We can be resurrected socially for a new life, or physically after a long illness, but only the resurrection of Jesus takes a capital letter. It is revered by Christians and disputed by Jews, since the Old Testament mentions no eternal life for the Messiah. On the other hand, it is profound to imagine the eschatological message of the synagogues as opposed to the Christian churches. The Old and New Testaments complement each other in one book. Their message is intended to unite certainties and beliefs … Evidence and hypotheses … Jews and Christians.

Two years after the end of World War II, Catholic and Protestant clergy met a college of rabbis to refocus Christian doctrine in the face of anti-Semitism. Among these evidences, they noted that the fundamental commandment of Christianity – to love God and your neighbor, already preached in the Old Testament and confirmed by Jesus – pertains to Jews and Christians in all human relationships without exception. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid talking about the Jews as if the first members of the Christian Church had not been such. For, and this point is essential, all Christians are Jews. Jesus was born of a Jewish mother of the lineage of David, that is, of the people of Israel; his immortal love and forgiveness includes his own people (conversely or not to Christianity) as well as the whole world. In fact, Jews and Christians are children of Israel.


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Jérôme Enez-Vriad, producer and cultural columnist, is the author, especially of Berlin: The border todayand Shuffle: Diary turned into a novel

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