Near Neubourg, brother and sister on their way to the 2023 4 L Trophy

Brother and sister Paul and Mathilde Duret are preparing for the 4 L Trophy in 2023. ©Thomas Guilbert/Le Courrier de l’Eure

“We are going to leave between brother and sister. We know each other well, we’re not going to kill each other. Behind this involuntary black humor lies Mathilde Duret’s determination. After years of following the 4L Trophy, the 19-year-old young woman and her brother Paul, 23, have decided to participate in the 2023 edition, which is scheduled to take place from February 16 to 26. They will leave their home in Villez-sur-le-Neubourg. Destination: Marrakesh.

Even when we are in the exam period, we start because we feel like it.

Mathilde Duret

Since May 5, the siblings have turned their eyes to the challenge all the more now that a friend of Paul’s has entered it. “Old cars fascinate us. Paul is gifted with mechanics, he prepared his friend’s 4 L,” Mathilde confides. In addition, the young man helps his father repair cars, such as the jeep that brother and sister borrowed to launch their project. “Our first step was to go to the Combon trade show for everything on Sunday 15 May to offer Jeep rides to children. Even when we are in the exam period, we start because we feel like it. †

The primary purpose is to collect donations. “The second step: recruit as much as possible,” continues Mathilde. That is, looking for sponsors.

Looking for local sponsors

Mathilde and Paul are very organized and have prepared a folder describing their project. Turning the pages, brother and sister arrive at a sheet mapping the 4L and its locations, including two flags on the bow of the vehicle, which they will reserve for these sponsors. “The idea is to stay local,” emphasizes Paul, and decided to “put logos almost everywhere”. Including the one he, the BTS graphic design student, will be making.

On May 4, Mathilde and Paul founded the association 4 L en Un volant to formalize their project and give it a little seriousness. “Paul tried to find a name with puns, but they were all taken,” smiles Mathilde, content with a “short and catchy” association name.

Our criteria are a healthy chassis and a running engine

Paul Duret

This declaration in the prefecture should enable them to receive financial donations from sponsors on the one hand and donations in kind to school children in the province of Errachidia, Morocco. “We do it in advance to have as many sponsors as possible and to make as many donations as possible. What we want is to be proud of ourselves,” admits the student, who is completing her second year of BTS tourism. Their goal for orienteering: that there is only room for the driver and his co-driver. Even if that means placing school supplies, non-perishable foodstuffs and hygiene products on the roof rack of the vehicle.

Looking for a 4L

To carry out this mission, Paul and Mathilde will involve the school of Villez and that of Neubourg to involve the schoolchildren of the plateau and their parents. “And we are going to ask them to make drawings to give to the children of Morocco”, say Mathilde and Paul.

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Finally, to complete the file, Paul started looking for a 4L by December 2022 at the latest. “I worked at Renault Cléon, I asked if they could maybe get me one and sponsor it,” said the young man. He also plans to contact collectors, associations such as Les Rétros du Plateau. “Our criteria are a healthy chassis and a running engine,” he sums up.

They need something sturdy. So much to keep the time of the rally, but also for the after 4 L Trophy. “After that, we want to keep the car with all the stickers,” says Mathilde. And Paul agrees: “We are fans of these types of vehicles. †

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