Saint-Flour (Cantal) child-friendly city: five commitments and many actions

Soon there may be “child-friendly town” signs at the town’s entrances to Saint-Flour. But more than a screen, this label will materialize through a series of actions. “It was UNICEF, through the voice of its department president, Georges Villa, who asked us at the beginning of our mandate to locate Bonnie Delepine, Deputy Mayor for Health and Citizenship. I immediately signed up, because the subject is close to my heart. We have therefore set up a working group with the National Board of Education, CAF, various departments of the department responsible for children, CIDFF, CCAS, the social center, OMJS … To develop an action plan. “
The plan hailed by UNICEF, “it’s rare that we receive something so comprehensive,” says Georges Villa. Because if the brand obligates the one who achieves it, to fulfill five obligations, “we decided to mark several actions in front of each of these objectives, Bonnie Delepine specifies.

Some have already been implemented, others will come, and there are still some to imagine. For throughout the mandate, that is, the duration of this brand, we will pursue a policy for the benefit of Sanflora’s children.

The well-being of every child

This obligation, which the municipality has given on the basis of nutrition as a development factor, is the one that gave rise to the first measure. With the establishment, from the beginning of last school year, of the canteen to 1 euro for the most modest households. And as of today, 110 children benefit across all three school groups.
Another follows, at the beginning of next school year. The municipality will offer free breakfast to all children present in the day care before 7.30. “The idea is not to replace the parents, and it will not be mandatory,” explains Patrice Solier, director of CCAS. But off

give children who arrive very early the opportunity to get bedtime. They will start the day well, calmly and with a full breakfast with dairy products, fruit, cereals.

Funded with equity, this measure should concern around 30 young people.

The fight against exclusion, discrimination and equality

To achieve this goal, the city intends to go through associations. By getting all those who receive grants to sign, from one euro, a charter signed with UNICEF that will correspond to its values. “It may seem a little naive, a little philosophical, but on the contrary, our goal is to be very concrete,” explains Patrice Solier. By supporting these free educational charters offered to volunteers and organized internally or with our partners, CIDFF for example for gender equality ”.

Clermont-Ferrand has become a “child-friendly city”

A high quality educational journey

It is the Social Center’s historical mission, which is already working in all directions in this area, but which will develop specific missions or professions. “With, for example, the establishment of a quality reception for children on Wednesday morning, with the transition to a four-day week at the beginning of the next school year,” clarifies Cédric Chardayre, its director. But also ”by focusing on parenting, as we have already done recently with conferences and debates. By paying particular attention to the difficulties that single parents may encounter. By also going to pick up families who do not come to the Center, thanks to the van that crosses the neighborhoods.

An operation on the rights of the child

Participation in each child’s commitment

At the beginning of the next school year, a UNICEF questionnaire will be distributed to each student to identify their needs. “It’s a national survey, but we want access to Sanflorain’s findings to implement policies that respond to young people’s wishes,” Bonnie Delepine specifies.

Partnership with UNICEF

Elected officials, city social workers and UNICEF members move forward together.

To support this, the municipality has provided the new Sanfloraine department with an office on CCAS’s premises. “This will give us visibility, Frédéric Bossis is pleased. And therefore work to bring this brand to life, but also to spread our values, our struggles and recruit while we are currently only six.”

Yann Bayssat

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