the big one on the A10 after an accident

The 5-vehicle accident on Sunday 29 May on the A10 motorway between Blois and Mer (Loir-et-Cher) revealed “deviant” and dangerous behavior. The gendarmes had to perform several dozen verbalizations.

Already very stressed by the seriousness and extent of the accident, the gendarmes were forced to also deal with the repression of forbidden and dangerous behavior. While the highway is plagued by a 13-kilometer-long traffic jam caused by a serious accident, several impatient and curious motorists have gradually left their vehicles to engage in all kinds of grotesque activity. “People got out of their vehicles, some of them borrowing their scooters, a family that was on the highway bridge with parents playing with their children. Others walking several hundred meters back – returning to the hard shoulder to get closer to the accident and take a closer look at what happened and the road drama that we had to intervene in “explains Captain Marc Bressac of the Departmental Road Safety Squadron.

On Sunday, May 29, around 4pm, a chain collision involving 5 vehicles paralyzes traffic on the A10, in the middle of a dark day returning from Ascension Bridge. 6 people are injured and a 5-year-old girl has to be evacuated by helicopter in absolute speed.

The highway is cut off for several hours to allow emergency intervention, but the presence of pedestrians and other scooters on the hard shoulder slows down their intervention. “When we occupy the hard shoulder, we lock the emergency access, yesterday it was about fifteen soldiers mobilized, if we occupy this BAU, we slow down the arrival of the emergency, sometimes it is played out a few minutes, a few seconds to save a life, which was the case yesterday when it was a serious accident “, explains Colonel Samuel Joguet, Commander of the Loir-et-Cher Gendarmerie Group “

The second danger is over-accidents. “Risk of being hit by emergency vehicles or other road users”adds Colonel Joguet. “At the same time, we put ourselves in danger and sometimes voluntarily. There are no details to do, the offenders or the criminals … it is an immediate sanction. The highway responds to strict rules aimed at protecting both road users and road users. accident victims.

An attitude that, incidentally, nourishes the traffic. “We are blocking the recovery vehicles, the cars are no longer moving forward, so the traffic jams do not disappear”. The gendarmes, who arrived at the scene of the accident for the second time, therefore continued with several dozen verbalizations, especially because vehicles penetrated on the hard shoulder.

If it’s tempting to go out for some fresh air when you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, know that it’s only allowed in absolute emergencies, equipped with reflective vests and by walking quickly behind the crash barrier. running along the shoulders.

By the wayArticle R421-2 of the Motorway Act is very clear: Highway access is prohibited for traffic: animals; pedestrians ; motor vehicles; not motor vehicles, tractors, etc. subject to registration.

A pedestrian traveling on a motorway can therefore get a first-class ticket. A scooter driver (for example) can be punished with a second class fine.

As for the hard shoulder, it should only be used to park or stop if absolutely necessary. If we refer to the article R421-7 in the motorway code, to take a pee break or stretch your legs there, risks a second-class fine.

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