In Nîmes, a children’s fair to “plant the seeds of love”

The children’s party will be held on Wednesday in the arenas at the opening of the Pentecost holiday.

In collaboration with the city of Nîmes and the French Federation of Camargue Races (FFCC), the company SCP France, delegated to the arenas, offers at the opening of the holiday to open the doors to the arenas of Nîmes for young people.

The company Happycionado, founded in 2015 by breeder Matthieu Vangelisti (also in charge of ganaderia San Sebastian with his father Gilles) is part of the children’s holiday this Wednesday. Purpose: to pass on bullfighting culture and values ​​to the youngest. Interview.

How was Happycionado born?

When this project was born, I asked myself a question: what does not yet exist in the field of bullfighting to create love and interest children? Happycionado offers a turnkey service with our inflatable play arena (for children aged 3 to 12) and various activities around bullfighting. In total, we have participated in more than 200 events since the beginning and welcomed thousands and thousands of children, from Fréjus to Lisbon, even though it has been complicated over the last two years …

We have also published a book “Discover bullfighting while having fun!”, Consisting of several bullfighting games and quizzes, anecdotes, drawings and coloring, which give children aged 3 to 14 years the opportunity to learn the basics of bullfighting while they’re having fun. And parents are also often interested …

Does it work ?

When children see Happycionado’s inflatable structure, with this toro, the reaction is always a “wow”: there is this natural fascination for the animal, it’s about feeling … The children always played toro in the schoolyards, on the street. We offer them a fun and educational first contact with bullfighting; afterwards they choose to move on, or not.

The goal, of course, is to create afficion and to open the arenas to an audience that does not go there, or almost never. For almost seven years, I like to say that we have planted the seeds of love. This is all the more important today as we know the attacks that bullfighting is the victim of.

The debate over banning bullfighting for minors resurfaced during the last presidential election campaign. Are children the “nerve of war”?

If we ban bullfighting for those under 18, or those under 16 or 12 who antis want, it will definitely be very difficult to create vocations, passions, love. It’s small that we take the taste of things. That is why such initiatives, such as Happycionado or the Children’s Fair, are very important. We are still a very hermetic environment, we need to get out of our walls.

In the South, there are thousands and thousands of newcomers every year. We have to cultivate them, explain our traditions to them. These days make it possible to create links.

But bullfighting is basically also blood, death … Do you understand that some parents refuse to let their children participate?

I understand, of course, no one is obligated to come to bullfighting. Therefore, it is important to explain, to place bullfighting on the level where it should be, that of a cultural ritual that emphasizes life and death, with the sacred aspect and the respect given to the toro. It is also a way of approaching difficult issues with children, death, the place of animals in our lives, values ​​…

A free event

From 9 a.m. on Wednesday, “Feria des Enfants 2022” T-shirts will be handed out in the forecourt of the bullring in front of the statue of Nimeño II. At the end of this distribution will be given the start ofencierro children, with access to the arenas of Nîmes through the Porte des Consuls.

From kl. 9.30am, these budding aficionados will be able to discover Happycionado and FFCC inflatable arenas. The most artistic souls can sit down at the “Draw me a Toro” workshop, while those who are curious about the landslide are welcomed by the French Federation of Camargue, which runs on their stand. Bullfighter toys will also be available at another specific booth while bullfighter will host the French Bullfighting Center and the French Association of Aficionados practice. Ester Lucada will animate a special booth with stories for children. Children will also exceptionally be able to discover behind the scenes of the torille by visiting chicros.

12.30 cows for youth and Toro bolda bullfighting football news that will see bullfighters from the CFT compete against bullfighters from the bullfighting school in Nîmes and Bouillargues.

To participate in this children’s party, tickets will be given at the entrance to the bullring.

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