this flagship couple is taking a new step! Surprise!

Loyal Objeko readers know all the iconic couples from the sixth season of ‘Married at First Sight’. Among them, Pauline and Damien seemed charmed by each other when they first met. They are also united like many other couples before them. But the filming of the show ended several weeks ago. During all this time, all the married candidates have seen their relationship develop. For Pauline and Damien, a new milestone will soon be reached. Which one ?

Pauline and Damien, a successful bet for the experts

The experts announced a compatibility of 77% for Pauline and Damien. From their first meeting, the young people were attracted to each other. Very happy to finally get to know each other, they quickly got closer. At the reception after their wedding, the bride and groom danced with passion.

When they got to their hotel room reserved for the wedding night, the atmosphere was still just as romantic. Very close to each other all evening, they did not consider for a second sleeping in two separate beds. In the last seconds of the episode dedicated to them, viewers watched them kiss for a long time, hidden under the sheets.

To find out more, therefore, Internet users had to wait for the candidates for “Married at First Sight” to tell their wedding night. And they did! During a live Instagram, Pauline responded to a fan who asked her about this famous evening. “When you go to bed, you killed me” he confided. To which the young bride replied: “Yes, it’s clear, but above all we did not actually sleep.” Against all odds, Pauline did not evoke a night of passionate love. She mainly referred to the very tight schedule for the filming of the show. “No, but that’s actually not the case. We left at 5 from the reception, we went to bed around 6:15, something like that, to wake up at. 7:15. We went to bed super late and in the end we did not sleep at all ” she had explained.

Married at first sight: the candidates depend on the choice of the experts

The sixth edition of the M6’s flagship program sees many couples unite in front of the cameras barely a few hours after their meeting. “Married at First Sight” was broadcast since March 21 and has many fans who are always eager to discover new candidates. Among them, Alicia and Bruno were 83% compatible according to program experts. The latter has not been mistaken at the moment as the youngsters have been really in love with discovering themselves. Since then, they seem to spin the perfect love! Unfortunately, not all candidates were so lucky. Caroline and Axel, for example, encountered great difficulties during and after their marriage. They quickly ended a relationship that had not yet begun. As for Emilie and Frédérick, they quarreled so much that they also decided to divorce.

Pauline and Damien formalize their relationship

In the final episodes of this sixth season of “Married at First Sight”, viewers saw the meeting between Pauline and Damien. The magic seemed to work from the first minutes of their meeting. The two candidates united in Gibraltar in front of the M6’s cameras. Subsequently, the couple amused their fans a lot by telling their wedding night on the networks. Today, the recordings of the episodes about them are finished and the dwarf parrots are still together. They even decided to develop their relationship by taking a new step.

It was blogger shayaratv who revealed this information: Pauline and Damien are officially living under the same roof as a real married couple. In a few weeks, they will wake up together every morning. It is impossible to know if the couple is moving into a new home or if they are moving into one or the other. What is certain is that their relationship is becoming official, so the love seems to be there, as predicted by the experts from “Married at First Sight”. The many fans of Pauline and Damien will continue to follow the development of their relationship through social networks. As for the other couples, the Objeko team will not fail to get back to you with new information!

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