10 out of 11 unpopular opinions, according to Reddit

Warning: This list contains spoilers for season 4 of Stranger Things.

After waiting to return to the fascinating supernatural world Strange things, fans watched the first part of season 4 in a matter of days. These tightly packed episodes tell the story of a massacre that took place while the Eleven was on Dr. Brenner’s Laboratory, and how Eleven and Mike Wheeler’s relationship is now that they live in separate cities.

After being part of a group of friends for the first time in his life and learning to use his powers against the monsters in his new city, Eleven made a big impression on fans. But while she’s a popular character, some Redditors share her warm views on her story and personality.

ten The student has too much hype

After Eleven first appears in season 1 of foreign things, he is a popular character and fans and the group of friends learn more about his story, his powers and his desire to find love, compassion and connection. But even though she’s a beloved part of the show, some think she’s been hyped.

Redditor distortion dribble wrote: “I never really got in touch with her or found her as amazing as she was.” Since the Student’s powers are so interesting and her action scenes are so exciting, it’s hard not to want to discuss her entire arc.

9 Mike and eleven do not belong together

The student and Mike are fan favorites foreign things a couple and have been since they first bonded and then developed romantic feelings for each other. Seeing them fight their way through a long-distance romance at the start of season 4 is sad, especially since Eleven lies about being accepted by his classmates.

Redditor GolfWang123170 shared the unpopular view that Mike and Eleven are not a good couple, writing, “I really don’t care about them together, and sometimes it feels a little forced.”

8 The student has no character development

Redditor marymayhemz does not believe that Eleven is well-developed and wrote that the show will “recreate the same scene over and over again every season.” Fans added that there was “no depth or growth in this character.”

Although some dislike Eleven, the general consensus is that Eleven changes a lot from season 1 to season 4, finding more courage and working on her self-esteem and ability to trust others. The student is still struggling since she faces high school life with the trauma of her past.

seven Eleven Ruins Friend Group Dynamics

The relationships that the main characters have with each other are often appreciated, and Redditor Benj97s shares the unpopular view that Eleven will “get in the way of the boys’ teasing / chemistry”.

A more common perception is that it’s nice to see the Student attach to Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Max, and it’s heartwarming that the characters like each other so much in such a short time.

6 Better to focus on the Student’s personality than her powers

Eleven can be confusing foreign things character, but from the moment she first appears in Hawkins, her powers are seen as special, crucial to the mission of the group of friends, and something everyone wants to understand better.

Redditor strthings333 shared the unpopular view that instead of focusing on the Student’s powers and abilities, a “more compelling angle is to see a vulnerable, abused girl trying to figure out normal life.”

5 It is ‘predictable’ that the Student will win a lot

Redditor RADIOACTIVEGAMER2211 thinks so foreign things is “sometimes a little predictable”, and that the series’ stories are often about “eleven always wins”.

While it’s true that it happens quite often, at least once a season, the Student’s ability to use her powers to save Hawkins and ensure that her friends are safe from The Mind Flayer and the other monsters is often considered a memorable and moving part. from the series.

4 The series could have ended with eleven starts

foreign things fans have questions about Eleven, and even though season 4 answered some, it still feels like her journey still has a long way to go. While the wait for season 5 is exciting because last season is likely to be fast and fun, not everyone thinks Eleven is an important part of the show.

Redditor binaryeye wrote, “the show should have ended with the D&D scene in S1E8 (i.e. the student is really gone, Will is back to normal).”

3 It is more interesting when the student is not an ordinary teenager

Season 3 of foreign things is often considered a popular and well-crafted season, as the characters spend most of the summer of 1985 at Starcourt Mall. After seeing a lot of information about the development of her powers of the Eleven, the terrible “father” Dr. Brenner, and how she came to Hawkins, Eleven becomes friends with Max and has fun.

Reddit cactuscat15 dislikes Student’s character arc during these episodes and wrote, “I hate how ‘normal’ she has become.”

2 The student is not nice

The student is a favorite foreign things character, loved for her bond with the group of friends and the father / daughter dynamic she shares with Hopper. It was touching to see her change with the seasons.

Redditor Keller213 wrote that Eleven is “ungrateful, disrespectful and simply rude”, an unpopular opinion as Eleven is seen as someone who has been through a lot and does his best to understand the world around her.

1 Could the Student really talk to 001?

For some fans, season 4 provides a much-needed background story for Eleven, where they share a gruesome lab massage and explain her journey further.

Redditor Urban-Survival22 shared that after watching season 4, it seems confusing that Eleven may have “adult conversations” with 001 / Henry Creel, and when she and the child characters meet in Hawkins, she is “like a newborn” and can not speak the same way at all.

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