Genybet 2022 Application, Test, Ratings and Features

To download for free, the Genybet application works on all iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices. But should you install it? What about the main features? Is it well optimized? Finally, what are our experts’ thoughts on this review? Answers in the rest of this test!

Download and install the Genybet application on iOS and Android

Betting on your favorite sports and on the turf in full mobility, without having to carry your computer everywhere, you dreamed of it? Thanks to the mobile application developed by Genybet, the provider of sports and horse betting, it is now possible! The Genybet application must be installed on any terminal, iOS or Android, and gives access to all the services available on the operator. But how do you install the Genybet application already?

Install the Genybet application on Android

If you are the owner of an Android device, here is the procedure to install the Genybet application:

  1. Access the Genybet web platform from a portable Android terminal.
  2. Access to the mobile section of Genybet.
  3. click on to install is located at the top right of the screen.
  4. Once in the Playstore, click on the link next to the application icon to download it.
  5. Wait for the application to be downloaded and installed automatically on the Android smartphone or tablet.
  6. Open the Genybet application and discover the operator’s mobile offer.

Install the Genybet app on iOS

For iPhone or iPad owners, here are the steps to follow to install the Genybet app on iOS:

  • From an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, open theapp Store from Apple.
  • Type “Genybet” in the search bar.
  • click on acquire next to the Genybet app icon.
  • Wait for the Genybet app to be installed on the device.
  • Start the Genybet app and open your player account.

Download the genybet app >>

Why do you need to install the Genybet application? The best features!

The Genybet app is not only free and easy to install, but also has many advantages. Once installed on a portable device, the Genybet application offers the user full access to the bookmaker’s services and allows him to bet on both sports and grass, with complete mobility and independence. But these are not the only benefits of the Genybet app. Among the best features of the Genybet app are our favorites:

Receive a welcome bonus of 250 euros

The Genybet site offers a generous sign-up bonus of 250 euros. This bonus can be obtained via the Genybet bonus code and is intended for anyone new registered with the operator. Although most users consider the conditions for granting this bonus to be restrictive, this is a generous promotion that allows to bet on sports and horse races for free.

Horse racing and sports betting combined in one application

Why bother installing multiple applications to bet on grass and sports when it is possible to do it from one software? Thanks to the Genybet app, it is possible to bet on both grass and sports from a single application, so you don’t have to change software depending on the game universe. For example, the PMU operator offers 3 different applications, each dedicated to a specific gaming universe: sports, grass and poker.

Genybet app

Player account management

In addition to full access to the sports and grass offerings, the Genybet app allows operator members to manage their player account from their mobile device. From the Genybet application it is possible to: register on the site and receive your welcome bonus, make deposits and transfer your winnings, set your payment limits and choose your preferred payment method. Finally, if necessary, it is possible to contact Genybet customer service and delete your player account directly from the same application!

Bet live on sports and follow the races LIVE

Betting on your favorite sports while following the evolution of the score of the live sports event is possible from the Genybet app. Just as it is possible to follow the live broadcast of horse racing from this application. In other words, all features accessible from Genybet’s web platform are unrestrictedly accessible from the mobile application!

Payment methods available through the Genybet app

To make payments from your player account, whether you want to deposit money or transfer your winnings, there are all kinds of payment methods authorized by Genybet, including:

  • bank cards
  • electronic wallets
  • prepaid cards
  • bank transfers

Note that all these payment methods are also accessible from the Genybet app!

Download the genybet app >>

Genybet app game experience

Now that the Genybet app has no more secrets for us, it’s time to focus on the quality of the gaming experience. We are going to talk about the design, the optimization and especially the performance!

Design of the Genybet app

Those accustomed to playing from the Genybet website will not be disoriented by the mobile application, the latter using the same aesthetic codes and graphical identity as the bookmaker’s main platform. Simply put, the Genybet mobile application is a kind of miniaturized version on the operator’s small screen. We find the same color codes, namely white and green, as well as the same interface. Flavors and colors in nature, it’s up to you to judge whether the design of the Genybet app meets your aesthetic expectations!

Getting started with the Genybet application

Getting started with the Genybet application presents no particular difficulties. This is all the less the case since the app is just as user-friendly as the bookmaker’s site. The interface is intelligently designed and allows you to easily navigate between the different game sections of Genybet. Whether registering with the bookmaker, placing sports and horse bets, making deposits, transferring winnings, contacting customer service and deleting your player account, there is no need to to be ace of the game. IT tool to understand the mechanics of Genybet’s mobile phone application!

Genybet App Performance

On a purely technical level, the Genybet app is a success. Indeed, regardless of the device on which the app is installed, the latter is not very energy-consuming, it works well. In other words, no delay or bug will spoil the gaming experience, proof in itself that Genybet has spared no expense to make its application a powerful software compatible with any kind of device, Android, iOS, Windows or Harmony OS.

Our opinion on the Genybet application: a powerful and modern software for sports and grass betting

Sports and grass betting wherever you are is possible from the Genybet mobile app. This software, which can be installed on your device in a few minutes or even a few seconds, offers full access to the bookmaker’s services, allowing you to bet on your favorite sports and your favorite horse races with complete mobility and independence. Excellent alternative to the website, the Genybet application is characterized by ease of use, good optimization and richness of functionalities. So many reasons that make the Genybet app one of the best sports and horse racing betting software out there!

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