Review The Time Traveler’s Wife Season 1 Episodes 1 To 3: Time Is Still Nothing

Fresh landed on HBO, the first episodes of the time traveler’s wife take us into a temporal love story, lovely but not junk.

Henry and Clare are husband and wife, except that Henry travels unchecked through time, making their story a dotted relationship. Recently distributed by OCS to us from an original broadcast on HBO, The time traveler’s wife is an adaptation of an adaptation, to offer us an intricate romance through time travel. The whole gives a pleasant but not transcendent result.


Created, written and adapted for the small canvas by Steven Moffat (sherlock, Dracula Where Dr Who) and directed by veteran David Nutter (Game of Thrones, ArrowWhere 21 Jump Street) based on the eponymous novel by Audrey Niffenegger, the time traveler’s wife had already been adapted into a film in 2009, starring Eric Bana and Rachel MacAdams. The opportunity for Moffat and Nutter to trust the book more as they develop a more realistic and contemporary distance from this impossible love.

It was about time

Far from the cinematic discoveries of Richard Curtis in About time or of the tales developed by Danny Rubin in the desperate romance of an infinite day, The time traveler’s wife seems much more elaborate, but paradoxically less endearing. The relationship between the two temporal lovers does not go through all stages, from discovery to alienation, while the ins and outs of the narrative seem to be quite easy to guess. Nevertheless, if the first episode is not very rich in twists, if not by initiating temporal capillary tractions to the love story, the sequel turns out to be more relevant, more emotional.

If the plot of the time traveler’s wife seems shaky, it is nevertheless subject to beautiful passages as the various incarnations of Henry all try to confirm their love for Clare, delicate Rose Leslie. These versions, depicted by the makeup of a very convincing Theo James, try to educate each other while converging on temporal singularities such as the death of his mother. The joys of time travel. No paradox here, but rather doubles advising and guiding the young versions of the traveler. Rest assured, if it seems complicated, we are still far from the level 12 aber, unsurpassed in this time domain with its interchangeable consequences.

Review The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episodes 1 To 3: Time Is Still Nothing

But even as he tries to save himself from a sometimes special romance (Henry, 40, when he happens to be dating little Clare for their next inevitable love), the show gets stuck in a sometimes unsettling sentimentality with so many interesting time possibilities. That is, between the references to terminator Where the army of the 12 monkeys, nothing is played as the show is also filmed as a TV movie without visual bombast of any kind, the shoots follow each other well, but suffer from a cheapos effect. By using off-cameras and questionable mixed transitions, the staging of the time traveler’s wife makes sure to avoid any complication to focus on the distorted romance of two beings, who thus meet each other several times over time.

Aside from the pleasure of seeing Theo James’ butt on a recurring basis, the time traveler’s wife suffers from a non-existent realization when its narrative nevertheless attempts to develop an incredible romance. To be continued.

The Time Traveler’s Wife is currently airing on OCS and HBO.




Despite a convoluted narrative proposal and a convoluted love story, Time Traveler’s Wife suffers from a production with absent subscribers who punish the whole, reduced to a dotted romance.

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