Schools in the Pays d’Argentan are working to get their students started

In the courtyard of the Écouché school, students arrange their own course to exercise during recess. © Le Journal de l’Orne

A better one healthmore concentrationmore diversity and of respect… That sport has many benefits provided by the device “30 minutes of physical activity a day” reveals in schools from the country of Argentan (adorns).

Like a Passed away. In the yard, a track consisting of hangers, rivets and small hedges under the sun has already been installed. It’s almost 10:15 on Tuesday, and the bell announcing the break is ringing. The kids will then go to the basketball and soccer fields or to the table tennis table. And when their teacher, Arnaud Deceroit, offers them, they do not have to be asked to set off, run or jump, on the established route.

We just put it in place. As a school marked Generation 2024 – the first in Normandy, in 2018! , we got a set of accessories, balls, jumpers, etc.

Ecouché school
The Generation 2024 sports course at the Ecouché School stimulates the students. © Le Journal de l’Orne

3 hours per week + 30 minutes daily

This badge, awarded by the state for the Paris Olympics, aims to encourage schools to encourage students to engage in more physical activity. Vincent Roinot, Educational Adviser for the National Education for Physical Education and Sports (EPS) for the District of Argentan, notes:

We have experienced a lack of activity among young people, combined with a sporting dropout, with far fewer registered in the clubs.

The numbers are instructive: In 40 years, young people have lost 25% of their respiratory capacity, and less than 50% of children adhere to health recommendations regarding physical activity. And the three hours of physical education included in the education of the primary school is not enough to break the sedentary time.

“A crucial place in the building of the child”

The establishments comply with the brand’s specifications, which include the promotion of the local sports offer, participation in sporting events and meetings with top athletes. It also includes participation in Olympic and Paralympic weeks.

volleyball Anne-Frank Argentan
The volleyball nets have just been installed under the yard of the Anne-Frank d’Argentans school. © Le Journal de l’Orne

At Écouché, Arnaud Deceroit, a convinced sportsman, is there. E.g :

I picked up the Chadian flag bearer for the Olympics in Rio, and the disabled cyclist Alexandre Bizet shared with us the experience of running with a blind man.

He also created the school cross, set up pony classes or even a partnership with the Argentine table tennis club, which allows students to participate in a professional match. Upcoming projects: a morning of biathlon, a day in Trouville to practice beach sports and the holding of a mini-World Cup in football during recess.

Videos: currently on Actu

For this runner, “sport has a crucial place in the construction of the child”. He also observed 30 minutes of daily physical activity. And it happens at every break, “outside of class time”. With especially the course laid out in the yard.

I would like the students to be actors in this project, and that they set up their own course at each break.

A way to develop their autonomy. It is also a goal at the Anne-Frank School in Argentan, which is also certified. Philippe Gripon, CM2 teacher, describes:

At each break, equipment is provided; they take it out, use it and put it away.

stilter Anne-Frank Argentan
The little girls have built their own track under the yard of the Anne-Frank d’Argentans school. © Le Journal de l’Orne

“The children bite the bait”

This Friday the weather is rainy but everyone is busy in the yard. Little girls have set up a course that they complete on stilts, other school children do a few exchanges of table tennis or play volleyball. As part of Generation 2024, they were able to test blind tennis or even play an escape game on a tablet with former canoeist and president of the Olympic organization Tony Estanguet in 2024. Philippe Gripon welcomes:

Children experiment with activities and take the lure.

In his class, many are enrolled in clubs: 4 in basketball, 3 in judo, 3 in football “including 2 girls”, 2 in gymnastics, 2 in classical dance and one in hip hop dance.

table tennis Anne-Frank Argentan
Sport promotes diversity: Girls and boys compete in table tennis at the Anne-Frank School in Argentan. © Le Journal de l’Orne

The teacher lists in detail the many benefits of practice in school, in addition to the obvious health benefits:

In the yard, it avoids the problems of fights; we are in a calmer climate, with many fewer stories to manage! It also gives students the opportunity to relieve class pressure, to get better in the head and therefore better in their studies and to develop promising qualities for the school, such as perseverance, taste for effort, respect for rules and more.

Effort, equality and tolerance

“But it’s also a vector for integration,” he says, pointing to a little Syrian girl who arrived two weeks ago who does not dare touch volleyball at the moment but sees her peers do it.

And it promotes diversity, equality, acceptance of defeat and diversity.

stilter Anne-Frank Argentan
The kids help each other, like learning to wear stilts, at the Anne-Frank School in Argentan. © Le Journal de l’Orne

According to him, this helps to “solve the problems of obesity; if we do not do this, students risk being teased or even harassed at school ”.

To date, more than 70% of schools in the Argentine intercom territory have the Generation 2024 brand, confirms Vincent Roinot. For others, it’s just a matter of time.

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