three indiscretions to know about ex-Miss France

A miss who faces justice. According to our colleagues from ParisianSonia Rolland would have been charged, this Monday, May 30, for “Hide on embezzlement of public funds, corruption and misuse of corporate assets”. In response to the case of the late Gabonese president Omar Bongo’s ill-gotten gains, the former Miss France would in 2003 have received a luxurious apartment located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, illegally acquired.

As with this occasion, other real estate acquired by African executives was allegedly bought through an opaque, corporate bondage scheme. The former protégé of Geneviève de Fontenay would still own this property delivered in 2006, now subject to seizure, estimated at more than 640,000 euros according to the newspaper. In January 2021, she was already heard about this case by investigators as revealed Release March at the same time.

Facilitated by the Central Office for Combating Serious Financial Crime (OCRGDF), the Franco-Rwandan model, who had met the former president’s wife in 2001, was unaware of this plan. “I did not know the method of financing, and I was not interested in the one I had heard about the Elf affair, but I had not made the connection, and I did not know that the Bongo family had acquired so many goods in France.” , assures the one who invokes good faith, conveyed in The Parisian.

According to his lawyer, Me Charles Morel, his 22-year-old client – at the time of the facts – admits to having been naive, but denies any violation before adding. “At no time was she aware of the origin of the funds or of the financial system, she completely trusted the notary. Sonia Rolland is calm and has no doubt that she will be acquitted at the end of the course.” Footage for next season of Criminal tropes In Martinique, the actress has not responded publicly to this case or to her social network.

The men who shared Sonia Rolland’s life

Side heart, Sonia Rolland has shared the lives of several famous men. Among her love stories, the former beauty queen lived in 2006, a relationship with Christophe Rocancourt, better known as the “villain of the stars”. From their relationship, their daughter Tess was born in January 2007, before the couple divorced the following year.

During a photo shoot, Sonia Rolland meets director Jalil Lespert. A love at first sight between the dwarf parrots who saw the birth of the fruit of their love: the birth of their daughter Kahina in November 2010. But after eight years of relationship, the model and the filmmaker parted ways. If the latter has since rebuilt her life with Laeticia Hallyday, the famous actress has also found love, prefers to keep the identity of his companion secret.

“In 2019, I met someone who does not work in the same professional environment at all. He is a gentle, sensitive and very funny man, at the same time adorable, benevolent and very loving. He supports me in my liberation as a woman and mother. He is the type “that bursts the boil as soon as there is a problem. I have nothing to control in his life and on the contrary, he facilitates mine. I am very happy. I really believe in the saying: Let us live happily, live hidden”, assured the sublime actress in the columns of Gala in March 2021.

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Sonia Rolland talks about her role as a mother to her daughters

discreet about his privacy, Sonia Rolland has always made sure to keep her two daughters Tess and Kahina from social networks. This does not prevent them from sharing moments of participation between girls through its numerous publications. Between her career and her life as a mother, the actress has found a certain balance.

“The girls join me on their vacations. The rest of the time it’s a little complicated because they’re 7,000 miles away and want to live with their friends. But I learned to delegate, I have a good nanny that I consider family “, explains the star of Criminal tropes to our colleagues from Galasupported by his children, who especially found him on the set of season 3 last year in Martinique.

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