Can not stop Cup! The first WSOP bracelet for a woman

Katie Kopp

The first sacred player on this 53rd edition of the World Series Of Poker is a woman. Katie Kopp won the opening tournament, a $ 500 reserved for casino and gaming industry employees. Croupier in Ohio dominated the American field with 832 players to collect $ 65,168 and a WSOP bracelet!

Cup will be able to show off a new jewel in Cleveland after triumphing on Bally’s & Paris Las Vegas from a 100% American table. 125 players shared a pool of $ 805 min cash.

After the elimination of the Main Event finalist Garry Gates late in the day (86th), 82 players returned to the strip last night. The title holder James Barnett finally, he did not believe it long since he dropped to 81st place for $ 880.

Kenny Hallaert finished 15th for nearly $ 2,500. The Belgian did not win the foreigners’ final anymore when Korean Minkyun Kim finished 11th for $ 3,794.

Event # 1: $ 500 Casino Employees

Square Player Country Price
1 Katie Kopp United States $ 65,168
2 Wyatt Frost United States $ 40,273
3 Brandon West United States $ 28,356
4 Shaun Colquhoun United States $ 20,275
5 Joe Chang United States $ 14,725
6 Vikram Vijay United States $ 10,865
7 Gonzalo González United States $ 8,147
8 Arturo Jiménez United States $ 6,210
9 Kyle Dempsey United States $ 4,813

Kopp resisted with a small stack at the start of the final before experiencing a really busy … during the liveliness of a railwayman who regularly sang the slogan “Can’t stop Kopp”. Under her mother Patty’s eyes, the champion eliminated his last three opponents.

“It’s a supernatural feeling to be there with my mother. We travel and give the cards as a family … the whole family plays, I was taught by my grandfather,” said the winner, explaining that her “brother and sister have rings” . “Even my 9- and 10-year-olds know how to play,” the boss added after her initial success on the field.

Third in this event in 2018, for $ 26,250, Kopp made sense to exercise his right to re-enter. The player had become the first eliminated from the tournament! “In 2018, I had a big ninja short-stack session, I did the same thing,” explained the player, who “wants to buy a house”.

“It will really help me,” concluded the one who enjoyed the final rail of the final. “My mother has been there all day and stood … she has cheered on me all the time, she loves poker. It’s exciting for her, I’m in the clouds too, me and my mother are the best friends in the world”, concluded the master.

Katie Kopp
Katie Kopp

Brandon West took responsibility for Kyle Dempsey then toArturo Jiménez Before Vikram Vijay do not take over to get out Gonzalo González.

Vikram Vijay jumped on the heels of 20 times his effort and the first 5-digit victory in the tournament. Joe Chang ran with him {k-}{k-} against {have-}{q-} in the house of Wyatt Frost.

Then it was Kopp who exposed everyone. Foursome held, and everyone took the lead at one point, but the player withdrew before finding several good hands on a level. She passed a crucial flip against the Day 1 chip leader Shaun Colquhoun ($ 20.27) before losing another giant coin toss with a new pair {5-} to the West (3rd).

Well ahead in the chip count at the start of the last duel, Kopp saw his opponent double once to get closer, but Frost then went all-in with a less good ace, with Kopp finishing the job with {have-}{q-}. “Sharing the cards while playing poker gives you a better idea of ​​the game, you have good opportunities to learn and develop your poker if you pay attention,” Kopp concluded after going into the great history of the World Series. ..

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