Dominique Lory, from La Corcille: from school to fishing he follows the transmission thread

“If I’m smart, I’m entitled to a three-day flight.” Shameful parental blackmail on a rebellious teenager? Not really. Because this sentence ends with: “For my 70 years”. Dominique Lory bursts out laughing. No need to spend long minutes with the chairman of the approved association for fisheries and aquatic environment (AAPPMA) La Corcille, whose headquarters are in the Salle des Éduens, to understand the character.

Moreover, he recognizes it himself very quickly: “I have a bad temper”. At least he’s not taking anyone on the bill. Including on “so-called social networks”, by its definition. Dominique Lory responds to “attacks” on her behalf. This upright and strict man declares himself anonymous.

Bad grade

But as often as those who define their character as “bad”, Dominique Lory can show an unfailing enthusiasm, total adherence. To the teachers who “put him on the right track”, e.g. Vocabulary according to the time would say, “inspiring” teachers. But the spirit of the times and Dominique Lory do not frequent the same atmosphere.

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For this former teacher, who admits not to have been “a particularly good student,” but whom the school has caused to grow, there is nothing like pedagogical action. And to destroy the conventions, the files to be filled, the boxes imposed by the national education. We imagine him fulminating in front of directives coming from above and falling down on his desk, in the CM2 class, in the Paris region. “I have not always had a particularly good relationship with my superiors.”

Social justice

Originally from Boulogne-Billancourt, at the time of the Renault factories, by a skilled father and a mother who raised his two children, he taught Colombes with underrated children: Dominique Lory was one of those who developed a strong sense of social justice.

All our fishing tackle

Amateur of Gotlib and Echoes of the Savannahs, for the left-leaning-anachistic “inclination”, Dominique Lory exercised his patience near Cosne-sur-Loire, where his grandfather taught him to fish. First passion. The one he finds in retirement, in 2011. A logical “sideline”, but which he considers “brutal”. Unable to stay home alone while his wife is still active, he joins La Corcille. With the cap of “former school leader” who has always enjoyed working with “children”.

It was also a matter of passing on his knowledge to both young and old. “One has to convince without forcing, knowing how to make concessions,” he says. He recognizes that managing volunteers requires a certain “skill” of the one used to make its reduced models.

Sense of the collective

Dominique Lory was not afraid to take the presidency of La Corcille. Taking on responsibilities, like when he went to snow classes with suburban kids (“the best moments of my career: living among kids to really understand them”). Also finds the collective, for “all alone we can not do much”.

The man is not attached to his seat as president. He or someone else, what counts is to follow the development of the fishery, which has not been used for a long time, “to feed men”. “You must leave the freedom of the exercise while respecting the fish”. Dominique Lory likes to have her feet in the water. But his childhood dream was to become a pilot. See the world from above. “I’m sure of a plane.” So I promise he’ll be smart. At least until the 70s. Then it’s a different story.

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