Gérald Darmanin: What’s his relationship with his ex-wife?

Before he married in 2021 to Rose-Marie Devillers, consulting director at Havas, with whom he had a child, Maximilien, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin lived with Morgane Jumez. A relationship that did not end on a very good footing, if we are to believe the book’s revelations The President’s Black Baron by Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle.

On a small cloud of happiness with Rose-Marie Devillers, whom he married in August 2020, Gérald Darmanin was previously married to Morgane Jumez. A love story that ended in divorce. The former couple had no children and we can imagine that they no longer have much contact. At least that’s what emerges from the intimate revelations of the President’s book Le Baron noir. At the time of his altercation with journalist Apolline de Malherbe at the RMC, his ex-wife had reacted to a scathing article against the politician by not sparing her ex-husband.

When she had seen Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin’s behavior on the face of RMC journalist Apolline de Malherbe, Nelly Garnier, LR adviser from Paris, had signed a virulent tribune in the columns of World : “Twice, Gérald Darmanin has been accused of exploiting his dominant position as an elected official to obtain sexual services. Closer then revealed a passage from the book dedicated to this politician: “After reading this text from the LR adviser from Paris, Morgane Jumez, the ex-wife of Gérald Darmanin responds to her Instagram account: ‘Nelly Garnier signs a brave column about Gérald Darmanin’s behavior, those who know him know it.. I’m part of.‘”

The relationship is therefore still tense between the former mayor of Tourcoing and his first wife … Alongside his personal life, Morgane Jumez has built a professional career in society and public institutions, an expert in political communication. This graduate of Science-Po Lille – like Gérald Darmanin – is currently the Director of Transversal Projects Hauts-de-France Region.

Gérald Darmanin in the middle of a storm

Gérald Darmanin, who opposed a divorce and the cabinet reshuffle of Emmanuel Macron after re-election, is currently embroiled in a very delicate situation with the scandal surrounding the management of the Liverpool-Real Madrid match at the Stade de France on 28 May 2022 Together with his colleague in sport, Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera, he went before the Senate Law Commission to explain this failure. He outlined a mea culpa for the disastrous settlement of the Champions League final, paving the way for compensation for fans and sanctions against the police, while retaining his controversial version of the number of fake tickets.

It is obvious that things could have been better organized“, declared Minister Gérald Darmanin and lamented a”spoiled sports party“and”sometimes unacceptable excesses“. That is also “sincerely apologized“to Liverpool fans too”major injuries, especially to children“caused by tear gas. For the first time since Saturday, Gérald Darmanin assured to have “asked for sanctions from the police prefect“for two members of the security forces, according to him guilty of the use of tear gas”in violation of the rules of use“. Two people also seized IGPN,”font of fonts“After the events of Saturday, Gérald Darmanin said without details.

The issue of counterfeit banknotes remains burning. The minister, who has blamed British supporters since the start of the controversy, saying they were largely responsible for the incidents, reaffirmed that “110,000 people“appeared”in and around“by the Stade de France. Either”35,000“supporters more than the expected meter and provided according to him with forged tickets or without tickets. So far, FFF and UEFA have estimated to”2,800” number one “counterfeit banknotes scanned“On Saturday, information from RMC Sports confirms according to sources with knowledge of the case. But among these 2,800 fake tickets, there may be real tickets that have been activated incorrectly, according to Pierre Barthélémy, lawyer for groups of French supporters present at the stadium on Saturday. the intelligence services had already warned the authorities of the presence on 25 May “of about 50,000 English followers“WHO”will not be ticket holderss “.

On the grill, however, Gérald Darmanin retains “the full confidence of the President of the Republic“Government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire replied on Wednesday.

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