this terrible decision made for his children …

Fans of Large families, life in XXL necessarily knows Rofrane Bambara, who is the brave mother of quadruplets. Alas, she no longer participates in the recordings of the reality TV show on the channel TF1 after several problems in the life of his tribe. Experience his touching message of May 30, 2022 in his story instagram.

Large families : The Bambaras are in a dead end with the schooling of their quadruplets

As a reminder, it was the first school year for Bambara toddlers who are 4 years old. Unfortunately, this year in the small section did not go quite as planned for the tribe Large families, life in XXL. In fact, the year ended even earlier than expected for the four children and parents, Rofrane and Nasser. Wondermum reveals the causes in its history instagram this Monday, May 30, 2022.

The quadruplets of Large families no longer go to school

Yesterday, this Monday, May 30, was an important date for the parents of quadruplets from 6 p.m. Large families, life in XXL. In fact, Rofrane and Nasser celebrated their 7 year marriage. A fantastic family day with their tribe Hajar, Noor, Kheïry-Dine (with autism) and Chemsy-Dine. This aroused the curiosity of internet users. Why are the children not in school? Thus, the pretty brunette who had health issues explained what was happening in the home.

To be completely honest, I think the kids are not going to school until we find a solution. We’re waiting for news from the academy, from school … Just to see what we’re doing or not doing. So it’s going to be like this“, Says Rofrane Bambara Large families, life in XXL.

Although they encounter problems with their toddler school from the beginning, the couple wants to stay in this institution. ” I do not want to change my school children, make an adjustment about, along with other people. They have special needs. And the protocol that has come into place here will not be laid elsewhere in such a short time. [ils font des demi-journées, NDLR]. So for us, the year is coming to an end …“, she continues.

His children refused in the school environment

Therefore, Rofrane and Nasser Bambara need to explore the different options they have at their disposal. The parents of Large families, life in XXL had leaned towards a solution but had finally changed his mind. ” The second was to change school a month after the end of the year and I said no. They have already been turned upside down: ‘We go there for two hours, we go there for three hours, we go there in the morning, then we do not come after it, we come back …’ What a year!“, she concludes.

On May 25, Rofrane Bambara came from Large families, life in XXL had given up on one of his sons. The mistress and ATSEM had refused to take care of Keïry-Dine. So the day had ended with crying, tears and her four children withdrawing from school. ” You need to know that teachers choose who is in their class, and in this case, the two of our kids refused because we are reality TV people. (…) We are in France, education is available to everyone. When you are a teacher, you do not choose a student for his head, for his beliefs or for anything and even less because these people have chosen to make television. From the moment two teachers deny children in their class, you are an outlaw!“, She explained with regret.

Things are certainly not simple when you are the parents of several … We hope that Bambara will find a solution for their children’s schooling. It’s actually not an easy task …

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