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In air hockey, the table is the basic equipment to play. In this article you will find our advice to choose the ideal model for your children.

Air hockey is an ideal entertainment when shared with children, family or friends. In fact, this sport can be played by both adults and children. In addition, the dedicated table for this game is available in various versions, including those adapted for children.

What is air hockey?

Air hockey or pneumatic hockey was invented several decades ago and is very popular among arcade game enthusiasts. It is a board games inspired by the famous American sport called ice hockey. No skating, no gloves or voluminous outfits, yet it promises sensations almost similar to those the puck on ice gives. This game confronts two players, and for this it requires more equipment, including the air hockey table, the pushers and the puck.

The table is equipped with a very special system so that the pucks can float. It is equipped with a Blower motor to distribute air through small holes arranged on the playing surface. This technology has the primary purpose of avoiding friction of the puck with the surface of the table. In this way, the parts are very fluid and rhythmic.

The principle of the game is simple: to win, simply place a puck in the opponent’s cage using the pusher. Thus, each player tries to score goals while keeping an eye on his cage so that it stays clean.

The various air hockey tables

Air hockey tables come in different types. While some are suitable for younger children, others are suitable for adults. There are also newer models than others.

The table in arcade style

It is here Recently of all the tables. It is valued for its quality as well as its innovative design. In fact, the air hockey arcade table is equipped with new technologies, including light sensors, LED lights and an electronic play area. It is equipped with a system to emit sound effects and display the scores. The fan motor that equips equipment is also much more efficient.

Both in its external appearance and in its general operation, the arcade-style table appeals to most players, whether they are children, teenagers or adults. That said, its biggest drawback is its price, which is not necessarily within reach of all budgets.

The basic air hockey table

Often suitable for family parties with children or friends, this basic table is free of “superfluous” details. It does not contain the various effects found in the arcade style. Electronic displays are also not present. This model is satisfied with the necessary necessities. However, this does not mean that quality is neglected, provided you move towards a good brand. The standard table is generally recommended if you are only planning occasional games with your children. This model has the advantage that it is much more affordable.

Mini air hockey table

As the name suggests, this table is small, and is therefore suitable for children. If your not yet a teenager and you are budget conscious, this model is recommended. The mini table is distinguished by its compact structure, so it can easily be stored in a corner. During the game, you can place it on a table or disc because it has feet that fit this configuration.

The air hockey table for several games

The multi-game air hockey table is probably the most suitable for those who are fans of all table games. It is specially designed so that the user can play different games: table football, table tennis, shuffleboard, etc. in the same area. This versatile aspect is without a doubt the strong point of this table. You or your teens can play different games on any occasion.

That said, before choosing this model, make sure you have enough space. In fact, the multiplayer table is often more cumbersome than the others.

The different sizes of air hockey tables

When buying an air hockey table, consider the dimensions. The size of the table should not only adapt to the space available in the room that is to host it, but above all, it should suit your needs.

For small children, choose one top from 60 to 120 cm. This size is ideal, especially if you plan to play with them from time to time. It should be noted, however, that since this dimension is very limited, it will not really be possible to develop in the field of air hockey. The use will simply remain pure entertainment.

The medium size is suitable for teenagers and adults. This varies from 120 to 240 cm and allows you to play more comfortably. This dimension is the most common as it corresponds to a medium-sized room.

That tournament tables are not larger as they are 210 to 240 cm. They are usually in arcade style and also provide a good level of comfort for players.

The criteria for buying an air hockey table

Type and size are procurement criteria that must of course be taken into account. In addition to these aspects, you should also consider other points.

The surface material

The surface can be designed with different types of materials, but in principle strong nylon and aluminum are the recommended materials. Of better quality, these materials are more resistant to shocks during the games played. In addition, they offer a better rebound of the puck.


These devices are interesting toadjust the table height according to the needs of the players. Located at the base of the feet, the levels allow for a smooth playing surface. They are thus perfect if the table were to stand on uneven ground.


The little pucks are the ones suitable for children and young beginners. They have the advantage that they are easier to move thanks to their lightness. Teenagers and adults would not play comfortably with this type of puck as it would easily roll off the field due to the more brutal impact.

If you are planning to buy a table that the whole family will play on, then choose the big pucks. These are designed to withstand beatings.

How much does an air hockey table cost?

The price of the air hockey table varies a lot, ranging from around fifty euros to hundreds or even more than a thousand euros. For mini models, count from 60 or 70 euros. They are actually the most affordable of all. Standard tables cost from one hundred euros. That said, if you can afford it, do not hesitate to choose the slightly more expensive models 150 to 300 euros. The higher prices usually promise higher quality. In addition, basic or advanced standard tables can reach up to € 500 or even more.

Multi-game tables cost even more because of their versatility. To get these models you have to pay more than 500 euros, especially if you want quality.

Finally, arcade-style tables are the most expensive on the market. The recommended models cost from 700 euros and even exceed 1500 euros.

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