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Revenge is Mine

Quietly released in early May on Amazon Prime, the Tamil movie Saani Kaayidham quickly became a surprise hit in Indian territory. The film tells of the bloodthirsty journey of a former policewoman in the company of a postman a brutal rape and revenge† A radical experience, at the crossroads between I met the devil and the nightingale

Still, Saani Kaayidham is mainly an independent production with limited resources. The young filmmaker Arun Matheswaran is signing his second feature here. By choosing an almost naturalistic approach, he gives his film an unfriendly and hard shape that fits its purpose perfectly

Ponni and Clyde

Arun Matheswaran immerses us in the slow and dusty reality of his characters. The tight shots are responsible for suffocating the viewer† Gradually, the frame slightly distorts the oozing surfaces. Saani Kaayidham is not lost in stylistic effects. However, he never uses his bias or limited budget as an excuse not to be visually striking

When music is scarce, it is laced with devilish efficiency moments of tension. It will also be noticed painstaking work on the sound design which multiplies the inconvenience and amplifies the power of the off-screen screen.

Supported by a solid cast, Saani Kaayidham can mainly rely on a stunning performance by actress Keerthi Suresh† She embodies a complex character, who oscillates between empathy and monstrosity, between madness and despair. This isn’t just her best role since the critically acclaimed mahanaticbut above all one of the most striking female roles in genre cinema in recent years.

Saani Kaayidham: photolady revenge


One of the first points to notice when watching the film is: his extreme brutality† Even though the violence is often out of the picture, the effusions of hemoglobin are not spared, scenes of torture and other mutilated bodies. From its first production, Arun Matheswaran had expressed his desire to wake up viewers. He does it here with disarming radicalism.

However, revenge is never glamorous in his movie. She is not aesthetic. The filmmaker does not take no sadistic or complacent pleasure to illustrate it. Ponni and Sangaiyaah are certainly not the pop culture heroes, armed to the teeth, that the genre regularly offers us. They are normal people with an ordinary life, whose the moral sense was just destroyed through events.

Saani Kaayidham: photoRelentless 2: The Return

We could all be wondering the same thing in front of Saani Kaayidham where is the limit of the permissible† Some shock sequences stretch until they become unbearable. Like the rape scene at the beginning of the story. Without looking for the graphic trauma of a bulbbul, Arun Matheswaran’s only weapon is off-screen and expensive. As if time has stood still on the horrors of the situation.

This is also where the film’s biggest limit lies: time management. The second hour chain shock after shock to wear† This is clearly a bias aimed at making us feel the deep psychological decay of our characters. But it’s impossible not to see some redundancy† Especially because the gender imposes it a pretty standard story scheme and predictable

Saani Kaayidham: photoRevenge is a dish eaten without delay


As one would expect, Indian reinterpretation of rape and revenge is highly political† Partly recalling the excellent NH10 by Navdeep Singh, Saani Kaayidham is a rather disarming cry from the heart about the state of Indian society. Central to the story is the trivialization of violence against women. A violence that spreads from generation to generation† And even if the film is of a rare darkness, the filmmaker still distils a glimmer of hope.

Saani Kaayidham is also interested in the national divide that opposes the India of large modern cities and that of abandoned villages† Ponni is said to have been just one of many police officers in the city. In his desert corner, she’s an anomaly whose ‘man job’ is experienced as a humiliation for her husband. And by extension for all male figures who are afraid of losing their authority.

Saani Kaayidham: photoGo into a black rage

The film never falls for the easy. if he is morally very ambiguousespecially in the field of personal justice, he is not afraid to act the monstrousness of his heroine† Not to say that only crime pays, but to film a dysfunctional society that leads to madness.

Or Saani Kaayidham avoids being moralistic so well, it is mainly because it is a matter ofan immense political film about social violence† A story that attacks the impunity of the elites towards the lower castes, the ease for the richest to turn a trial into a great grotesque farce. In this hostile world, a simple insult is paid for by the extermination of an entire family. WHERE revolutionary manifestoSaani Kaayidham flip the statue and follow without judging the untouchables who torture the higher castes.

Saani Kaayidham will be available on Amazon Prime Video since May 5, 2022

Saani Kaayidham: photo

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