Stranger Things characters like Harry Styles songs

Since releasing his debut single “Sign of the Times” as a solo artist in 2017, Harry Styles has become an unstoppable force in the music industry. Inspired by legendary artists such as Stevie Nicks and David Bowie, Styles is able to create music that sounds timeless and fits perfectly with the nostalgia of the 1980s in Strange things.

While the hit Netlfix series returns for its fourth season, the characters continue to evolve and reveal their personalities through their relationship with each other as well as their attempts to defeat Vecna, the band’s latest enemy. Although the grades of foreign things are multifaceted, they can each be described by a Harry Styles hit.

Robin – “Cinema”

Contrary to the confidence and sarcastic wit she showed with Steve in season three, Robin Buckley reveals a more vulnerable side in season four as she struggles with a new school infatuation. “Cinema” matches Robin’s personality as well as her love of film and reflects her uncertainty about the reciprocity of her feelings for Vickie.

In the chorus, Styles sings: “Do you think I’m cool too? Or do I love you too?” a feeling that reflects Robin’s fear that Vickie will reject her and react badly to finding out the truth about Robin’s sexuality.

Jonathan – “From the dining table”

The melancholy emotions expressed in “From the Dining Table” on Styles ‘debut album fit Jonathan Byers’ energy and his new life in California. Far from the ambitious photographer he once was, Jonathan spends his days sulking around the house or getting high with Argyle.

Although he is unhappy with the status of his long-distance relationship with Nancy, Jonathan refuses to be the first to reach out. The line “Why will you never be the first to call? Even my phone is missing your call,” fits Jonathan’s acceptance that their relationship is going well despite having little or no contact.

Steve – “The Love of My Life”

Steve had one of the best character arcs foreign things, who started out as a popular idiot who took Nancy for granted and tormented Jonathan before gradually changing his behavior for the better. While Steve has become an invaluable member of foreign things crew, his love luck has not gotten better as he goes on countless dates without knowing what he is looking for.

The reluctant acceptance of Steve’s missed opportunity with Nancy is reflected in the song “Love of My Life,” especially the line “Baby, you were the love of my life.” Maybe you do not know it is lost until you find it. If the lingering glances in season four are any indication, Steve’s chances with Nancy may not have been lost anyway.

Nancy – “Friends”

Among the things to be addressed in the second half of season four is the return of the love triangle between Nancy, Steve and Jonathan. “Boyfriends” is the perfect song to portray Nancy’s relationship pattern as she finds herself at a similar crossroads in each of her relationships.

The lines: “They take you for granted. They do not know they misunderstand you,” agree with Nancy’s experiences with Steve and Jonathan struggling to understand her desires and ambitions in life. Although it seems clear, that a rematch between Nancy and Steve is on the horizon, she is perhaps better placed to focus on herself.

Max – “Keep driving”

The songs used in foreign things season four plays a role in rescuing potential victims from Vecna, especially Max, who is plagued by guilt after witnessing Billy’s death. Max isolates herself physically and emotionally from her friends to convince herself that she is fine despite the headaches and nightmares she suffers from.

Masked as an optimistic pop hit, “Keep Driving” explores the desperation of ignoring the warning signs in favor of the joyful details of everyday life. Max’s attempt to continue as if everything were normal is reflected in the text: “We held the darkness back in restrained clouds. I wanted to ask, ‘Shall we just keep driving?’ ‘

Lucas – “Satellite”

Split between his old life and the desire to gain popularity in high school, Lucas’ loyalty to Mike and Dustin is put to the test as the basketball team leads a witch hunt against D&D players. Lucas tries to make friends with Max and find out what makes her walk away from everyone. “Satellite” depicts Lucas’ attempt to help Max and his desire to get her to talk to him again.

Many of the song’s lyrics match Lucas, but more specifically: “I’m here, here, I wish I was here for you,” Lucas says almost verbatim to Max in the cemetery as the band tries to find a way to save. Max from the same fate as Chrissy.

Will – “As It Was”

The first single from Harry’s house, “As It Was” reflects the feelings of Will, who has been alienated from his friends and has lost touch with Mike in particular. Will struggled to accept that his friends were changing, getting boyfriends and losing interest in the things Will still loved. While he’s happy to see Mike again, Will’s joy is overshadowed by his jealousy.

The text, “It feels like you can not be replaced, and I’m the one left,” reiterates Will’s desire for things to be as they were and the feeling of being left behind by everyone else. Will’s decision to keep his painting a secret also suggests his difficulty in revealing his true feelings for Mike.

Dustin – “Carolina”

The light-hearted, optimistic “Carolina” from Harry Styles’ self-titled album fits Dustin’s personality and general optimism when it comes to helping his friends. Although he often has a sarcastic remark at hand, Dustin refuses to accept defeat in the face of adversity and uses his vast knowledge to draw up an action plan.

The lyrics: “She has a book for any situation. Goes to parties without invitations,” reflects Dustin’s admiration for Suzie and her impressive expertise and hacking skills. The song also reflects the good Dustin sees in each of his friends and his determination to to protect them with the Eleven.

Mike – “Late Night Talk”

With Eleven across the country in California, Mike is planning a visit during the spring break to reunite after their separation. Blinded by the reality of El’s terrible high school experience, Mike struggles to understand why she hid the truth in her letters. “Late Night Talking” describes the changes in a relationship when a couple goes long distance.

The line: “Things have not been quite the same. There is a fog on the horizon, honey,” illustrates the struggles Mike and El face after going so long without seeing each other. Although Mike wants to make everything better, Els continues lack of power to influence how she sees herself in her new life.

Hopper – “Being So Lonely”

The complexity of Jim Hopper’s character has only improved since then foreign things‘first season, but many aspects of his personality remain the same. After adopting the Eleven and adjusting to his life, Hopper tries to begin the romantic relationship that he and Joyce had been dancing for years. “To Be So Lonely” encapsulates Hopper’s stubborn nature and his tendency to arrogance.

The lines: “I just hope you see me in a better light. Do you think it’s easy to be the jealous type?” includes Hopper’s desire to change the way Joyce views it.

Joyce – “I love you”

“Adore You” is a song that perfectly describes Joyce’s relationship with her loved ones. Although Joyce’s attention is often turned in several directions, her actions are always aimed at saving her children from imminent danger. Although the whole town thinks she’s lost her mind, Joyce never falters in her quest to save Will.

The text, “Honey, I would go through the fire for you. Just let me adore you,” matches the passion with which Joyce protects her family and friends. Despite her father, nothing deters Joyce from her plan to bring Hopper home.

Eleven – “Mathilde”

While many Harry Styles songs fit the Eleven, no one comes close to the childhood trauma that “Matilda” treats. The line, “You talk about the pain as if everything is okay, but I know you feel like a piece of you is dead inside,” is similar to the way El makes a brave face around Joyce and Mike despite the pain by losing Hopper and the helplessness of being without power for the first time in his life.

Dr. Brenner’s manipulation of El influenced the way she sees herself, leading her to believe that her education was all she deserved. Although El never knew love in her past, she was able to create her own family that would love her unconditionally.

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