What is the best connected weather station to choose in 2022?

To get reliable and local information without having to follow weather reports on TV, you can equip yourself with a connected weather station. Thanks to the different sensors, you can take advantage of on-site measurements. Anemometer, indoor or outdoor temperature sensor, different configurations are possible depending on the configuration of the property and your needs. Depending on your level of knowledge in the field of weather forecasting, you can choose a more complete equipment that provides more information.

Selection of the best connected weather stations in 2022

Tekcoplus Wireless weather station: simple and affordable

Tekcoplus wireless weather station – DR

Offered at a very affordable price, this model is quite limited but already provides the most crucial information. Temperature, humidity and clock are displayed directly on the screen. This small weather station has 3 sensors for outdoor use or for monitoring other areas such as the basement, garden or bedroom. Wireless, you can easily install them. They are themselves equipped with an LCD display to display the temperature.

Most :

  • Small price;
  • 3 wireless sensors to measure temperature and humidity.

The lesser ones:

Bresser HRV: elegant finish and rain gauge included

Bresser HRV
Bresser HRV – DR

Presented in a wood-look case, it will fit into your living room decor. This small station allows you to display the indoor temperature. It comes with a wireless rain gauge with temperature sensor. The station can display a graphical history of these measurements.

Most :

  • wireless rain gauge;
  • Price.

The lesser ones:

Steinberg Systems SBS-WS-500: a complete system for accurate measurements

Steinberg Systems SBS-WS-500
Steinberg Systems SBS-WS-500 – DR

A truly professional weather station, the Steinberg is equipped with an outdoor sensor including anemometer to measure the speed and regularity of the wind and a rain gauge to monitor the amount of rain. This sensor is equipped with an autonomous power supply via an integrated solar panel. Inside, the station offers you the display of the measured values ​​via a particularly legible color display. The data update is done every 16 seconds with the outdoor sensor.

Most :

  • Rain gauge and anemometer;
  • Color screen.

The lesser ones:

La Crosse Technology WS6826: good readability

La Crosse Technology WS6826
La Crosse Technology WS6826 – DR

Simple and functional, the La Crosse Technology station includes a screen sensor and a color screen controller to easily distinguish the information. It shows the temperature and humidity of the two zones, as well as the trend for each of them. It also provides upcoming weather forecasts.

Most :

  • A very readable screen with one color per zone;
  • Fair price.

The lesser ones:

  • Only one extra sensor

Sainlogic Professional weather station: extensive measurements

Sainlogic Professional Weather Station
Sainlogic Professional Weather Station – DR

A truly professional station, it includes many valuable features here. With its dual outdoor sensor consisting of a rain gauge and an anemometer, you get accurate data on the evolution of the weather at home. In addition, the collected information is forwarded to the largest personal weather network, Weather Underground. This gives you even remote access to your home information.

Most :

  • Connection to Weather Underground;
  • Station complete.

The lesser ones:

  • Required via Weather Underground to get the data on the smartphone.

Netatmo Station NWS01: essential and easy to use

Netatmo Station NWS01
Netatmo Station NWS01 – DRO

The specialist in home monitoring has also established itself on the market of connected weather stations with its complete system. The sensors are in the style of the interior camera and offer an elegant design. They make it possible to record temperatures, hygrometry and have a sonometer and a barometer. They also analyze air quality. They are controlled from the mobile app. The Netatmo station is compatible with Alexa and Apple HomeKit. It provides you 7-day forecasts and keeps the information to trace the history. Very complete as a base, can be expanded with options such as a rain gauge or an optional anemometer.

Most :

  • Accurate and complete statement;
  • Optional accessories;
  • Integrates into home automation with Alexa and HomeKit.

The lesser ones:

  • No screen, use of your smartphone required

Curconsa: a professional station with 7 in 1 outdoor sensor

Turconsa – DRO

With its large 8″ color screen and its sensors, the Curconsa station displays a lot of information, almost too much for good readability. The outdoor sensor measures temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall and humidity. This allows it to reveal a lot of information for accurate local weather tracking. The outdoor sensor is autonomous thanks to the integrated solar panel. This station also relays information to Weather Underground.

Most :

  • Compatible with Weather Underground;
  • Rich in information.

The lesser ones:

Wireless WLAN weather station: ideal for monitoring the humidity in the cellar

Wireless WLAN weather station
Wireless WLAN Weather Station – DR

In addition to the sensor integrated in the screen, this weather station consists of 3 wireless indoor/outdoor sensors. The latter, circular and inclined to one foot, displays information in white on a black background. The design is simple, modern and pleasant. It makes it possible to monitor the temperatures and hygrometry of the different zones with the evolution of the trend. It is compatible with Smart Life APP and Google Weather Sync for better integration into your ecosystem.

Most :

  • 3 sensors with a range of 60 meters;
  • Compatible with Smart Life APP and Google Weather Sync.

The lesser ones:

La Crosse Technology MA10901: a simple and readable display with integrated clock

La Crosse Technology MA10901
La Crosse Technology MA10901 – DR

With this weather station you have easy access to all useful information at a glance. Temperature and hygrometry in 2 zones, daily weather trend and clock, all are brought together on a monochrome screen, which can be displayed in one of the 21 available colors, dressed in a black frame. You have a wireless indoor/outdoor sensor.

Most :

The lesser ones:

  • Not connecting to connected apps

La Crosse Technology WS6835: complete with color display

La Crosse Technology WS6835
La Crosse Technology WS6835 – DR

With its touchscreen tablet look, this weather station is elegant. It provides the display of lots of information sorted using color and frame for easier reading. The color screen shows the phases of the moon, pressure history with trend, upcoming weather and monitoring of temperatures and hygrometry on 2 zones with configurable alarm. Ideal for gardeners who want to follow the evolution of the weather and the garden with the moon.

Most :

  • moon phase display;
  • Lots of information with great readability.

The lesser ones:

  • No tracking from smartphone or internet

Why buy a connected weather station in 2022?

To obtain reliable local information, the connected weather station is the ideal solution for the home. They are becoming more and more accessible, technically and financially, and provide access to a multitude of practical information. Linked to a screen or a mobile app, you will be able to find the information easily. You can have multiple sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in your home and outside. Ideal for keeping an eye on the baby’s room and the weather.

How do you choose your connected weather station?

To choose a connected weather station, you need to establish the main criteria. The price will reduce the number of options available to you. By examining in detail the technical data sheets of each model currently on the market, you can identify the most relevant features. Some models can take several measurements and keep a log where the read history is collected. Others can supplement the base station with additional sensors or probes such as an anemometer or a rain gauge.

Connected weather stations also fit into a larger ecosystem within, for example, a house that is equipped with home automation. By setting up scenarios based on measurements from the weather station, you can program to switch on the heaters, close the shutters, etc. There are no limits to the possibilities offered apart from the budget spent on this purchase.

If they are just a simple technological gadget for some, the connected weather station is a reliable source of information and increasingly accessible to everyone.

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