10 signs that show your relationship is right

That romantic relationship can be very complicated, so even though you may never be sure what the future holds, it’s good to know in advance if a relationship is “right” for you or not. Although a toxic relationship may take a while to develop, you are more likely to know early on whether your relationship is healthy or not. Here is some characters who can help you decide this!

You have a healthy communication

No one reads – a priori – other people’s thoughts, so do not expect that to be the case with your partner. Yes, chances are that your partner will not do everything you want, exactly as you want. But the opposite is probably also true, so resign when it’s wrong. By communicating your expectations and misunderstandingsyou want a healthy relationship and a fulfilled couple.

You manage to decide your arguments by speaking

Take time for yourself every week, and be careful to highlight your partner’s actions, words, attention that you particularly liked. Do the same for what is dissatisfied with you. Start with the critique and end with what you liked most: By speaking, you will both realize what needs to change or not to improve your relationship.

Do not stick to the unspoken

Do not leave by slamming the door or hanging up your partner. Again: talk to try to solve your problems.

Do not put yourself down

To avoid being devalued, it is important that you are the first to value yourself. Otherwise, things only get worse. So realize that only you can tell people how to treat you, and especially stop everything at the first sign of disrespect. Give yourself the value you want to be given: If your partner does not, then they were not the person for you.

You share the same ideals

From the beginning of your relationship, talk about your values and ideals that you share. That way, you can see if you can compromise or if there are certain things you really can not get past. The important thing is that do not get lost in your relationship nor to change your personality for your partner. If you both do not want to make the other happy, then this is not the right relationship!

You see far together

If you were to die tomorrow, would you worry so much about this fight? Ask yourself this when it gets tough between you, and remind yourself to appreciate the little things in everyday life. Try to remember this for that do not forget what really matters : You two.

Avoid letting go

We are not talking about going on a diet or dressing more sexy to keep your partner interested. Simply letting go can sometimes be synonymous with giving up. So continue working on yourself and your relationship to prevent it from dying until you have had a real chance.

Do not forget who you are

Your partner should love you for who you are, so do not change your personality to suit the person you are seeing right now. It will only make things worse the day the relationship ends, and besides losing your loved one, you will also have lost your identity. Consider devoting time to yourself and your passions, to remember who you are and what appeals to you.

Do not be afraid to say your opinion

If you take on too much of yourself, then at some point things will fall apart and breaking up will be the only resort. By taking it upon yourself every time, it is your mental health and your physical health that will suffer. So remember to say what is wrong when it is wrong, to avoid many quarrels in the long run. If you feel that you can not express your opinion, it is a sign that this relationship is toxic and that continuing in this way can be dangerous for you.

Avoid being angry

If you have a grudge, and every time something goes wrong, you bring the bad memories to your partner, then you obviously can not move on together. For this you needtrust each other, and deleting the past is one of them. If this is something you do not think you can handle, end the relationship. If you choose to forgive, then truly forgive.

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