“Clare is a romantic we rarely see”

The traveling wife of the time is the new creation of the talented Steven Moffat, to whom we already owe the excellent Doctor Who and Sherlock. Adapting the eponymous book by Audrey Niffenegger, which was already utilized in movies in 2009 (starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams), this series produced by HBO airs in France at OCS. Starring, actress Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, The good fight).

TeleZ.fr: The time traveler’s wife is based on Audrey Niffenegger’s novel, time is nothing. A book that undermines the codes of romance, do not you think?

Rose Leslie: Yes you are right ! This series is an original variation on the theme of time travel. Usually, the ability to move within the fourth dimension is sought with passion and is experienced as an incredible opportunity when it is found. Here it is the opposite, since Henry, in spite of himself, is endowed with this gift, which he does not control, and which gives him an eternal journey out of step with his own life.

How would you describe Clare, your character?

From an early age, Clares revolves around Henry. She is fascinated by him. When she meets him for the first time, she is a little girl. He shows up in his garden and together they talk and play chess. Except Henry already knows Clare: at the time, he’s 41 years old and he’s married to an older version of Clare.

Rose Leslie: “This woman is as passionate as she is determined”

But how will this / their relationship develop?

Growing up, the young girl’s gaze on “this imaginary and elusive friend” who teaches her to play chess and to inflect French verbs gives way to lust. As Henry inadvertently lets go of the fact that they will eventually get married, Clare is convinced that she actually has her soulmate right in front of her. It is therefore the story of a man who does not stop jumping in time against his will and who meets a woman who is forced to live with this problem every day despite the frustrations it creates. We are actually in the presence of a kind of semi-impossible love due to the regular absence of the hero. But Clare is sure in her hearts that he is the man of her life. This woman that I embody is as passionate as she is determined and unfailingly patient. Anyone in his place would have thrown the towel in the ring. It’s a romantic that we see a little! When you think about it, the charming Henry, whom Clare met as a child, exists only because the adult Clare has made his life with him. First, she falls in love with a picture she places on a pedestal. And then she will do anything to cope. At his height.

Rose Leslie: The traveling wife of the time does not care to show science, but focuses instead on history. »

Why do you think this series stands out from other fictions that have dealt with the theme of time travel?

This story of love, frustrations, and crossings brings together two beings, one of whom cannot stay in place temporarily. It is above all a reflection on the couple, the emotional and sentimental independence and the metamorphoses we go through internally.. We change, we mature, we all improve. This temporal explosion also makes it possible to deliver such an original and interesting statement about the hopes projected towards the other in a couple – hopes that can sometimes, even often, distort reality to the point that it causes deep human dysfunctions .

Okay, but do not you think that time travel, regardless of its treatment, lacks originality?

What I would complain about in time travel fiction is that much of the storytelling is usually devoted to explaining, sometimes tediously, how time travel came to be. The traveling wife of the time do not do that! It does not care about showing science, but focuses instead on history.

The traveling wife of the time, at OCS.

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