For Kiyosaki, declining crypto markets are good news

He has often been heard talking about personal finance, and his groundbreaking book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has sold millions and is still in the top 10 best-selling and best-selling books on personal finance to this day. He is also known for his stance on several financial and political economy issues (public debt, taxes, money and banks). On Thursday, May 12, Robert Kiyosaki shared his latest thoughts on bitcoin. For him, what is happening with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general is just good news.

On several occasions during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Kiyosaki has criticized the Federal Reserve’s response to the resulting economic downturn and strongly urged its many followers on social media platforms to protect themselves against what he believes are inevitably high inflation (and possibly hyperinflation) in the future by using their fiat currency holdings to buy silver, gold and bitcoin.

A consistently good opinion about bitcoin

If the investment he believes in most is real estate, Robert Kiyosaki, whose at times serious openness we know, failed to say all the good things he thinks about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Granted, do not expect to have the faithful cryptocurrency preacher in him, but at least he does not literally hate bitcoin like Warren Buffett. For example, episode 263 of Anthony Pompliano’s “Pomp Podcast,” released April 7, 2021, featured an interview with Kiyosaki. During this interview, Pompliano Kiyosaki asked what he thought of “traditional inflation hedging assets”. Kiyosaki replied, “Itgold and silver constitute the currency of God. Bitcoin is open source people’s money “.

As for the current crisis, Robert Kiyosaki had already warned in a tweet on April 25 that markets were potentially heading for the biggest economic depression in history. His thread was: Everything that is a bubble always ends up bursting. Could this be the start of the biggest depression ever known? I’m concerned. A world of debt and wars ruled by lying leaders. […] »

The time to invest in bitcoin has come

In another tweeton May 12, Kiyosaki explained why crashes are good for getting rich: ” BITCOIN IS COLLECTED. Good news. As mentioned in previous tweets, I expect bitcoin goes down to 20k. I will then wait for the bundle test, which could be $ 17,000. When I know the bottom has been hit, I reassemble the truck. Breakdowns are the best times to get rich. Take care of yourself. »

The next day he will confirm his position in another tweet: Why crashes are good: A rich father taught his son and me “Your profit is made when you buy … not when you sell. Bitcoin is the future of money. That’s why I back up the truck when the bottom is reached. It can be $ 17 k or even minus $ 11k. The time to get rich is coming. Take care of yourself. »

Long before his tweets of 12 and 13, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, had published on May 11 one first tweetdeliberately provocative and even invective: ” Q: Why will BITCOIN win? A: BITCOIN will win because America is ruled by the 3 idiots. […] I trust BITCOIN, not 3 idiots. »

Since we have quoted many tweets in this article, let’s end with one comment posted under Robert Kiyosaki’s tweet on May 11: This man knows how to make money, so trust him. »

Source: CryptoGlobe

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