SwissBorg aims for mass crypto adoption

The platform was launched in 2017 with resounding success SwissBorg very quickly established himself in the cryptosphere as a player that it would now be necessary to reckon with. After becoming a unicorn in just three years (a valuation of more than a billion dollars), SwissBorg has gone from being a start-up to a company with international resonance, employing hundreds of people in more than 20 countries. Jacqui is beautifulthe marketing manager of SwissBorg returns on the occasion of her visit to Paris Blockchain Week Summit about this dazzling success and about the various projects underway at SwissBorg.

Jacqui is beautifulmarketing manager SwissBorg

Cryptonews: What made SwissBorg participate in this event? Jacqui Pretty: SwissBorg has a very strong French user base, more than 170,000. This is why French was the first language we translated our application into because we understand the importance of making investment decisions in his own language.

Our team also has several French members, such as our founder Cyrus Fazel who grew up in France or our co-founder Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux who is French, which means the team has many links in France.

In addition, it is also one of the major crypto conferences in Europe, so it made good sense.

Did the audience at the Salon de la Crypto consist mainly of French people?
The audience was very heterogeneous and international, there were other crypto companies that were there to network and make connections, retail investors and of course there were members of the SwissBorg community.

What are your main goals when you come to Paris?
One of the main reasons is to be in direct contact with our French community, which has supported SwissBorg since our ICO in 2017. The second reason is to offer SwissBorg more celebrity, always with the aim of helping us achieve mass adoption for cryptocurrency.

SwissBorg was created in 2017. Five years is a very long time in the cryptosphere. What has changed the most in this time?
When we made our ICO in 2017, the cryptocurrency market boomed, with Bitcoin and Ether hitting all-time highs (currently). We raised the equivalent of 50 million francs in cryptocurrencies, then everything collapsed. We went from All Time High (NOTE) to Crypto Winter, which was when our team built the SwissBorg app.

The market environment in 2022 has nothing to do with it in 2021 and its bull run, which allowed SwissBorg to become a unicorn with our token reaching $ 1, then $ 1.5, which also made it possible to have a billion dollars valuation.

In terms of product growth, we launched our app in March 2020 with less than a hundred users, and today we are at over 620,000.

What are the core values ​​of SwissBorg?
Accessibility and transparency are two of the most important.

We are very community-oriented, and the only way to democratize wealth management is to make crypto accessible to everyone.

Transparency is also very important to us. It is essential that users see exactly what they are paying in terms of fees, we are very clear about that. We publish monthly reports so they know exactly what’s going on with our annual program. We also test and experiment, we build things as fast as we can, and we learn from what we have built.

The SmartSend feature was recently released, can you tell us what it brings?
Yes, it is a very convenient feature that allows any user of the SwissBorg app to send cryptocurrency to other users without having to pay gas fees. It is therefore concretely possible to blur the notion of borders and transfer value for free between the 115 countries we represent. And one of the biggest benefits is that users only need one phone number to make the transfer. So, if the people who receive the assets do not have the app, they just need to install it to get their money back.

So on the one hand, it’s great for existing community members because they can share crypto really easily, but it’s also great for expanding the community, because people will have to download the app to get their crypto. I myself have tested SmartSend with my husband, who does not particularly like cryptocurrency. I sent him a couple of CHSBs and he just needed to download the app to download them.

Video presentation of SmartSend:

Last year, SwissBorg became a unicorn. Has this “unofficial diploma” changed anything in terms of activity, growth, numbers?
Of course, it brought a lot of joy to the community, but it also triggered exponential growth in the last year. Because CHSB is an altcoin not available on many exchanges, and investors have seen the price of this token rise, they had to get the SwissBorg app to take part in the growth and the CHSB ecosystem.

Can you tell me a few words about the development of SwissBorg in the coming weeks, months, apart from the peer-to-peer functionality?
Peer-to-peer payments will obviously be huge as they will increase the virality of the app. In terms of geographical expansion, we focus on the Swiss-German market. With the three languages, we can now reach the whole of Switzerland, but also Germany, Austria, the Benelux, France … We focus on the regions around Switzerland.

The next big thing will be Themes. It’s like an ETF or stock index for crypto, where investors can invest in a bundle of assets in a single transaction instead of picking and choosing cryptocurrencies one by one. These packages will be automatically rebalanced to maintain diversification, and assets will be grouped by themes, such as sustainability or green cryptocurrencies, meaning you can invest directly in what you believe in.

We are also working on renewing our portfolio Smart Yield, with personalized return solutions where users will be able to choose the level of risk they want to take and the level of return for that risk. A prudent person could thus choose a lower return, e.g. 5% per annum, knowing that his assets are safe. A person who takes more risk can get a return of 40%, but they would choose a more risky option.

How do you see the future of global finance? Is a merger between TradFi and DeFi inevitable?
I think it has to happen, because a merger is the first step before a full transition to DeFi. However, I do not think we can go directly from one to the other without merging the two, because there are so many people that we have to follow from one world to another, and it is too difficult to do without having a “bridge”. One of the things SwissBorg delivers is precisely that bridge, as our app is a centralized solution for investing in cryptocurrency, but features like our Smart Yield wallets connect to DeFi platforms to generate returns.

SwissBorg wants to be a bridge between TradFi and DeFi

What does it take for cryptocurrencies to achieve worldwide adoption?
Accessibility is key as crypto is still not available to many people. First, it is difficult to learn how different wallets and different platforms work. Secondly, there is a high risk because if you lose your private keys, you can lose your money without the possibility of getting them back. This combination of technical complexity and risk makes many people hesitate because they do not have the time or desire to take the time to learn. And those who might be interested in it see the risk and say, “It’s not for me.” That is why solutions to make things available will help cryptocurrency win mass adoption.

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Warning: This interview was conducted in collaboration with the mentioned company and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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