Top 12 series characters that should move, dangerous cities

There are certain fictional cities where you do not want to live because it is always shit and there are horrors. Which leads us to tell ourselves that there are serial cities whose characters should move right away, yet they remain inexplicably despite the huge signals of imminent danger sent to them from their surroundings. We invite you to discover some of them, just like that, for the honor.

1. Sunnydale – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Well, for Buffy, we can understand that: she’s a vampire hunter, so it’s logical that she’s going to the place where there are most. But the other inhabitants remain anyway, while there are ten deaths per. episode, violent and morbid supernatural events every day, and the whole city is built on a gate of hell. Is really very attached to their home.

2. Hawkins – “Stranger Things”

The kids in Stranger Things seem to be pretty good at having one of the students at their school hit by a super outraged creature every week, but their parents? Aren’t they just completely stupid anyway? Every week, their children come home covered in blood or start throwing fat maggots from hell; every school trip is synonymous with a student who has been lost in tragic circumstances, but they continue to tell themselves that this place is perfect for their development. Weak.

3. Winden – “Dark”

Disappearing children, other disappearing children, disappearing adults, people all connected and disappearing, super creepy priests, enigmatic time travel, tunnels connecting an eerie cave with a nuclear power plant and especially people who speak German: all the ingredients to get fast away are there and yet they remain there these idiots.

Fairview – “Desperate Housewives”

Shootings, tornadoes, crashing planes, pedophiles, murders, harassment, scandals of all kinds, but very well-dressed and well-groomed people. Probably the only reason people stay, which seems pretty good enough as a quid pro quo.

5. Banshee – “Banshee”

A hyper-violent ex-criminal who pretends to be the sheriff of a small town full of crime, the mafia, inconvenient Indians and hamish people who kill people: welcome to Banshee. A stupid little town where the inhabitants stay for no reason at all, as it is neither beautiful nor comfortable to live in. (But a hell of a series anyway)

6. King’s Landing – “Game of thrones”

Well then it’s a festival: the city is attacked every other week, people break the plate there, it stinks of shit in the streets, we parade naked people that we can throw projectiles at, there are tons of Greek fire under the streets that absolutely violate all security rules in relation to urban planning, the leaders do not care about the population, there are even threats of dragon attacks and yet there are still people left. Not at all logical.

7. Good times – “True Blood”

A city called “Bon Temps” is true that it makes you want to. But it’s already in Louisiana: it’s hot, humid, it’s raining, there are crocodiles and people in shirts … so many signs that should serve as a warning. In addition, there is a fairly strong concentration of vampires, people who do not necessarily flicker, who kill other people as soon as they are hungry, namely every night. Why did the inhabitants not leave? No idea.

8. Osage Beach – “Ozark”

Ok, there is a huge, super beautiful lake lost in the middle of the trees, synonymous with an eternal breath of fresh invigorating air. But there are also big-necked rednecks, people being killed in every corner of the forest, peasants growing poppies to sell heroin and not hesitating to use corpses as fertilizer and a cartel-Mexican trying to settle in the city. Add to that high poverty and not necessarily optimal living conditions and you get a particularly stupid population not to move.

9. Sleepy Hollow – “Sleepy Hollow”

If you’ve seen the movie, but not the series, it’s almost the same delirium: a city lost in the middle of the country where there’s so much fog that it’s like being at the smoke machine show, a headless rider cutting people’s heads because he really has lots of glands, witches and crimes. Despite that, and the fact that the city is all rotten people become, because they apparently have no plans to survive in their lives.

Twin Peaks – “Twin Peaks”

I do not even want to dwell on why the people in Twin Peaks should move because it’s nonsense in this damn city. At the same time, would you like to live in a city that David Lynch has imagined? None. You do not want that.

11. Marseille – “More beautiful life”

So let’s be clear, the city of Marseille in the series is a fictional vision of the real city, because there are already episodes with vampires, not really very realistic. At least version PBLV de Marseille counts improbable stories in gravel, with absolutely every conceivable crime that can happen, which leads us to say that apart from drinking shots at Mistral, there is not really anything positive about living there. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes and it is not for Roland.

12. Bampton – “Downtown Abbey”

The problem is not that the city is dangerous, infected with monsters or has a mortality rate to pass Venezuela to a quiet suburb of Creuse, it’s just that we become pissed off like dead rats. All in all, other than dressing like old people and sleeping between social classes, nothing special happens.

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