Emma Smet crushed by Kylian Mbappé, he formalizes with his model (photo)

Kylian Mbappé is without a doubt one of the best footballers of his generation. And as with other football players, fans of this sport are also interested in the young man’s personal life.

Were they really a couple?

It must be acknowledged that over the last few years he has been credited with many romantic relationships. For a few months, it’s his alleged idyll with David Hallydays and Estelle Lefébure’s youngest daughter that ignites the net.

Rumors spread after the two stars were photographed together more than once. Moreover, they never really denied these “hear-say” about them when they had the opportunity. The rare time Emma Smet spoke on the subject was when she refused to reveal more about her alleged relationship with the footballer.

“I say it and I repeat it, I do not have to justify myself to the friends with whom I am photographed,” she said during an interview in the Paris Match columns.

Source: Twitter / @Mbappe_Side

For his part, Kylian Mbappé had last fall declared to be fulfilled in his personal life, which according to him helps him a lot “to make amazing achievements”. Did he refer to Johnny Hallyday’s grandson? We do not know, but in that case it seems that they have already turned up, as Emma Smet according to the latest news is now in a relationship with someone else.

Who is the young woman’s new treasure?

While her supposed romantic relationship with Kylian Mbappé has still not been confirmed or rejected, Emma Smet would have already found love in the arms of another after her alleged separation from the footballer. It was during the filming of “Les Segpa” that she crossed paths with the new chosen one of her heart, according to the information received. Note that this fiction, released in April 2022, is the very first feature film played by the daughter of David Hallyday.

And it turns out that her so-called new companion, IB, who we could especially see on Emma’s Instagram account, had also attended. There is no doubt that this mysterious actress during the filming had been a great support for the beautiful young woman who has only fond memories of this film. On the networks, she especially wanted to thank the entire film crew for welcoming her as the one who played the role of Claire in the fiction.

Kylian Mbappé very complicit in another woman

If Emma Smet had found love again, Kylian Mbappé also seems to have already turned the page on her alleged romance with Taulier’s granddaughter. Very active on social networks, the young footballer had cast doubt on his likely new conquest.

In her Instagram story, Kylian Mbappé posted a black-and-white snapshot in which he was very complicit in the sovereign American supermodel Stella Maxwell. In this picture, the model can be seen kissing the young football player on the cheek. So a new pair in sight? Only time can tell.

Guy Stephan gives his news after his injuries

On Saturday 4 June 2022, the blue Denmark met at the Stade de France. Against all odds, it was the second team that won. During this match we saw Kylian Mbappé’s exit towards the break after knee pain.

If the fans were very worried about the player after this incident, Guy Stephan wanted to give news about the footballer during the conference after the match. He then reveals that Kylian Mbappé “has a knee problem”, but so far we do not know exactly the nature of his discomfort.

The player will also do research on this topic according to Guy Stephan. In continuation of this, the latter also provided news about Raphaël Varane. Remember that the player also had to leave the field in the same match after a thigh problem.

For this reason, Raphaël Varane could lose the next three Nations League matches. Guy Stephan says he also wants to graduate, as does Kylian Mbappé. Moreover, the case of the latter does not seem to be particularly important compared to that of Raphaël Varane when he traveled as a precautionary measure. We should therefore see the presumed former companion of Emma Smet very soon on earth.

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