Handball: Saint-Raphaël said goodbye to his children

He will have launched Raphaëlois, Rares Fortuneanu during his young coaching career. He will have started the kids, the Romanian technician.

He often had children in his hands when he ran the training center SRVHB. These Jonathan Mapu, Aleksa Kolakovic and others Timmy Petit or Drevy Paschal. These young lumps that he formed little by little, that grew up next to him, and that he was undoubtedly still very proud of on Saturday night when he saw them there, evolve towards this huge PSG.

By rummaging through his ideas, which had to push each other when it came to leading his team one last time in this palace he has frequented for eighteen years, the Raphael coach might as well have had a thought of another of Its gold nuggets.

The young Mihailo Vojinovic came back from loan at Sarrebourg in Proligue and came to see his former coach. A 21-year-old boy who is none other than the son of former Serbian center-back Nikola Vojinovic, also loyal to the believers that Fortuneanu had re-established the Raphaël club among the elite in 2007 after a title as second division champion. ..

“So much intensity”

Yes, time passes, flying almost as fast as Raphaël Caucheteux launched, and generations follow each other. But never, never, had the coach of Saint-Raphaël Var HB probably imagined one day launching the young Sarmiento. No more than Barachet’s son.

And yet, in the sixtieth minute of this shock against PSG, after a final timeout, the Romanian technician acknowledged for these two children to enter the field in the gym. Coaching planned upstream and a way to pay tribute to their two famous fathers, to these two handball legends who lived their last meeting at the castle on Saturday night.

A way to greet those that the two teams had agreed on, by agreement with the National Handball League. But provided the scoreboard announces more than two goals difference as we approach this famous last minute game.

A scenario that is more than likely in terms of the Paris season and the 28 victories that Nikola Karabatic’s partners had when they started this penultimate day with Starligue. A scenario that apparently unfortunately happened.

For if the palace, full as an egg, vibrated for a long time in front of Popescu’s parades, which were at first unmanageable in front of the Parisian armada, if the 2,500 spectators had long reveled in the caviar that the men of Fortuneanu served for each other, who this little gem signed by Vadim Gayduchenko for Caucheteux (6-5, 10.) or this laser pass from Sarmiento’s hand to Vigneron (10-11, 17.), Raphaëlois has like the fifteen other Starligue teams, eventually gave up.

In the long run, they put so much intensity, they tire their opponents so much that we end up losing clarity “Fortuneanu explained at the end of this defeat.

Bonaventura spoilsport

This clarity, Caucheteux probably missed it when Vincent Gérard stopped his throw from seven yards (15-19, 29.).

A first turning point no doubt in a case that already seemed to be over. And when Caucheteux again met his future goalkeeper seven meters away, found his face in the process and suddenly took a red that the Bonaventura sisters honestly could have kept in his pocket, the distance had simply doubled (22 -30, 45.).

So Sarmiento and then Barachet, twice, reduced the mark (33-38, 59.). Then their children also just came into play. But these last two goals spoke for “butter” and the table did not develop.

The SRVHB conceded a defeat which, however, did not pawn its chances of hanging on to Europe. In four days, Raphaëlois will just have to win at Chartes, where Rares Fortuneanu goes without the young Sarmiento and Barachet. But with Kolakovic, Petit and Mapu. Two children in the club who, like so many others, are leaving SRVHB after this last match.

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