Season 18 secretly broke The Curse of Grey’s Anatomy Happy Ending

Warning! SPOILERS to grey’s Anatomy season 18 is coming.

grey’s Anatomy It is notorious that many couples imploded during the 18 seasons, but season 18 secretly broke the happy ending of the series for a couple. Over the years, grey’s Anatomy became famous for not letting his characters have their happy to the end of their days, either by letting half of the couple die or by tragically falling apart over irreconcilable disagreements. When the couples who met for the first time in the show reconciled, it usually happened after they had already left Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, as e.g. grey’s Anatomy The Season 18 finale turned out to be Jackson and April finally reuniting after moving to Boston to head the Fox Foundation. grey’s Anatomy Season 18 episode 20 also introduced a subversive change for another couple who are still at the heart of the show but surprisingly did not go apart like many before them.

Maggie and Winston’s relationship has been affected by Wendell (Rome Flynn) since he arrived grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 14. While Maggie (Kelly McCreary) first did not understand Winston’s (Anthony Hill) opposition to knowing each other, Winston’s reasons became clear when they discovered that the product that Wendell was to sell to doctors was not the facilities. . work and put lives at stake. Still, Winston did not want Wendell to stay in Seattle, and his anger at him when he realized that Wendell had cheated them for ten thousand dollars was disproportionate to Maggie’s, underscoring how much of Winston’s dissatisfaction with Wendell was due to their common past. and he falls in love with Wendell’s game again rather than the trick itself.

grey’s Anatomy Season 18 episodes 18 and 19 could have tricked viewers into thinking that Maggie and Winston’s disagreements over how to deal with Wendell were incompatible. However, grey’s Anatomy at the end of the season 18 finale, Maggie and Winston realized that even though their relationship had taken some quick steps, it was not rushed and they were not incompatible – they just needed more time to open up to each other and teach each other to know. each other better. A particularly heartbreaking patient story could have helped Maggie and Winston reach that conclusion, but whatever inspired them to work together toward a goal instead of going their separate ways, it’s almost a unique event for the show, which makes grey’s Anatomy Season 18 breaks the happy ending for Maggie and Winston.

Not only was Maggie and Winston’s collaboration groundbreaking grey’s Anatomybut it all happened on screen as well, which is rare for the long-running series, which really made some fans think that grey’s Anatomy hated true love. Off-screen voting is all too common. It happened with Callie and Arizona in season 14, but even more recently where Japril confirmed to be together again in grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 20. Maggie and Winston did not have a major breakup until they realized they had to cherish their love and their relationship is as unusual as it is groundbreaking for grey’s Anatomywhich has long flourished thanks to the couple’s hasty breakup and the big declarations of love that followed, as evidenced in episode 20 of season 18 with Amelia and Kai.

Maggie and Winston will no doubt face new challenges in grey’s Anatomy season 19. But how mature they solved the problems that stemmed from their differences grey’s Anatomy season 18 establishes Maggie and Winston as one of the series’ new central couples. In the future, grey’s Anatomy maybe even bring the medical drama into a new era where couples do not rush into a relationship and end up breaking up.

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