USON Nevers’ hope in the final against Blagnac: “They can afford a nice gift”

One more effort. The last. To give this season, burdened by an administrative decision, a brighter face. USON Nevers’ hopes play this Sunday, June 5 (15.00), the final of the Reichel Shooting Championship against Blagnac in Saint-Cernin (Cantal).

No misunderstandings: there will be no question of reaching the Elite Group, even in the event of a victory. And this since Neversois was deprived of the tall hen last winter for a license error. It took more to permanently undermine the morale of a group that was able to recover, driven by the desire to finish well.

“Psychologically we suffered. But I think the decision of the French Rugby Federation ended up strengthening this group, united in this event.”

Horacio San Martin (Co-coach of USON Nevers hopes)

In the front row to testify to this, Horacio San Martin, walking together on the bench with Régis Sigoire, greeted the minds of his troops, influenced but not sunk. “Psychologically we suffered. But I think the decision of the French Rugby Federation ended up strengthening this group, united in this event.”

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United and determined to get a little more than a consolation prize. “This match, we take it as a World Cup final,” smiles Horacio San Martin, eager to make sense of the meeting. “In a career you do not play many finals. So even if it is not the one we were hoping for, we will play it to write the history of the club. It would still be the first for USON. »

USON Nevers does not appeal, hope will develop into low hen

“The players have a chance to end the season with a nice gift. And to choose the end to give to their story “, formulates Horacio San Martin, who was on the rise in Pro D2 with USON Nevers in 2017.” Every year we have a new group. But this one could be associated for life with a title, ”the coach insists.

This afternoon, minutes before kick-off, Horacio San Martin and Régis Sigoire speak for the last time this season before a meeting. “Regis, for strategy, tactics. And I will find the words to motivate them,” if necessary. “I love this group. I spend more time with my family than together. And they are children who learn. It’s endearing. »

One last week together

The day after the meeting, whether they are won or lost, the USON Nevers Hopes meet again. “For a week of fun exercises, with a little bodybuilding. One way above all not to say goodbye in a hurry. “We will still spend some time together.”

Before you do it again, next season. “Every season we build a group. It takes time. So when these kids leave, it’s like a child leaving home. But we’re also happy to see them flourish, also elsewhere. For us coaches, this is our gift . »

The sheet

SAINT-CERNIN (wind turbine stadium). Nevers-Blagnac. Judge: Remy Charlerouy.
1. Pkhakadze, 2. Walsh, 3. Blangetti; 4. Villequenault (chap.), 5. Prudhomme; 6. Triki, 8. Kleynhans, 7. Umpriani; 9. Depoux, 10. Penglaou; 11. Afoy, 12. Grataloup, 13. Narboux, 14. Williams; 15. Gruttadauria. On the bench: 16. Jérémy Châtaignier, 17. Porchet, 18. Dominguez, 19. Tuituba, 20. Monjenot, 21. Barbouche, 22. Correia, 23. Faivre. Staff: Régis Sigoire and Horacio San Martin.

Owen Cudgel

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