Who is Aurore Aleman, Benjamin Castaldi’s companion and mother of his last child?

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published by Lauryn Bikile on June 5, 2022 at 10:33

Everyone knows Benjamin Castaldi, successful former animator and now columnist on the set of TPMP on C8but no one really has a clue who is his wife! So let’s get back together for the identity of his partner Aurore Aleman.

Aurore Aleman, from actress to casting director for Endemol

Aurora German

Aurora German

HAVEurore German see the day in 1977 and very quickly she made her debut in the world of the small screen asactress. And it is in 1995 toshe starts her career. Aurore Aleman is especially known by everyone for having played the role of Estellewhich therefore was itone of the main characters of the series West Bay, broadcast series in the early 2000s. But very quickly, Aurore would go to the other side of the camera.

It is therefore with perseverance that she ends up stepping into the company Endemol in 2011, who is it the production company of TF1. The young woman she is will very quickly become famous as a reference as a caster to the most famous TV shows as Star Academy, Love is blind or The extraordinaryAnd this, over the course of 10 years. And it’s also on one of those TV shows that have the greatest success in Franceto know secret story, she has met his great love: Benjamin Castaldi.

Married to Benjamin Castaldi!

Aurora and Benjamin Castaldi

Aurora and Benjamin Castaldi

Benjamin Castaldi is an animator who is not at all unknown to the public. For good reason, his family is one of the most famous in France. In fact, he is the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi and Catherine Allégret, but also the grandson of Yves Allégret, Yves Montand and Simone Signoret. But it is onlyin 2001 tohe becomes a real star thanks to the two seasons of loft history which he presents on M6without forgetting Secret story as he presented season 1 to season 8 on TF1. Secret Story, which is undeniably the TV show that earned him a huge fame, and which is still the show he has presented, with the most market. It was good and well the main host of this show which everyone considered essential on television.

It is now many, many years since Benjamin Castaldi resigned and when the latter decided to divorce TF1the love he felt for Aurore Aleman, whom he met on the set of Secret story years before and with whom he has formalized their relationship in 2015, was not affected in the slightest. In fact, the two dwarf parrots decide to seal their love with the ties off wedding Saturday, August 27, 2016.

Moreover, even though he ended his adventure with Endemol, the famous animator quickly found work. Take effect, in 2016Cyril Hanouna officially announces that he is recruiting Benjamin Castaldi as columnist on the set of Do not touch My TV. Hill on which the former star of TF1 also have the opportunity to see different and varied stars or a people making the news of the moment!

In the heart of a mixed family!

We can not say thatAurora Castaldiearlier Germanmade the task easier by marrying Benjamin Castaldi. With good reason, the flagship animator off Secret story is not known to have had very stable love relationships. We can even say that it is a supporter of divorce. It’s a fact, her life had many twists and turns … Before Aurore Aleman, columnist in TPMP was married to Valerie Sapienza in 1993who therefore was his wife until they decided to put an end to their relationship in 2001. The latter is also mother of her first children, his sons Julien and Simon Castaldi.

The year after, in 2002, he marries Flavie Flament and ends divorced in 2008. From this second marriage born her third child, his son Enzo Castaldi. And three years later, he finds love again with a new woman, Vanessa Broussouloux, in 2011, which he has a beautiful love affair with, but which does not last. In fact, they agree and was divorced in May 2016.

Thereby, Aurora Castaldi, who is it the fourth wife of Yves Montand’s grandson, is well and truly in the heart of a mixed family but luckily for her she has a really good relationship with her stepsons, the deal is really ideal!

And although Aurore arrives in a restored family, she has nonetheless neglected her desire to also want to create her own with Benjamin Castaldi. That is also why the couple received a little Gabriel born in August 2020. At the moment, the couple is spinning the perfect love, and a magnificent atmosphere reigns in their very large family. Father of 4 children, the host regularly trusts that he is fulfilled in his role as a father! The columnist of TPMP he will end his life with Aurora Castaldi?

The next few years will show!

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