Elizabeth II Jubilee: Louis, Charlotte, George, the Queen’s great-grandchildren set up the show (photos)

While the Queen’s anniversary ended last Sunday, her great-grandchildren provided the show through these four-day festivities. Starting with the little prince Louis, star of the network for a few days, who again got people talking about him yesterday when he drove Kate Middleton crazy. Not to mention George and Charlotte, his eldest, who also seduced Internet users.

From the height of his 4 years, Louis, one could not be more spontaneous through this platinum anniversary, got internet users to crack under the often sore but also sometimes reprimanding look from his mother Kate Middleton, especially yesterday during the last fashion show . .

Sequences scattered and immortalized extensively on the web, which have given rise to numerous photo montages, most notably the preservation of the boy’s adorable facial expressions, making the youngest of the Cambridges the star of the family since his now famous grimace on the balcony of Buckingham. “Always iconic Prince Louis”, “Baby Boss”, “so cute”, the praiseworthy comments have been shot up in recent days.

And even when the youngest gives Kate Middleton a hard time when he is visibly annoyed with his mother, he continues to grimace while Kate Middleton takes over her younger brother, as evidenced by a video shared on the networks. Again, many internet users came to his defense and remembered that it was simply a 4-year-old child.

George and Charlotte, the two eldest have their effect

For their part, George and Charlotte, who especially accompanied the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Cardiff on Saturday 4 June without their little brother, also moved internet users.

A craze for Kate and Williams’ children, which almost overshadowed the arrival of Meghan and Harry, who voluntarily remained discreet.

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