Following Laura Smet’s reaction to Ilona Smet’s snapshot, users are guessing the gender of Johnny’s great-granddaughter

The eldest daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure has grown up well. Ilona Smet is indeed impatiently waiting for the arrival of her first child with the man with whom she has been in a relationship for almost 10 years. We give you more details.

To the delight of her subscribers, Ilona Smet shared some of the photos from her wedding on May 27, 2022. A few days later, it was her baby bump she had posted on the networks, something to respond to Internet users, especially his aunt, Laura Smet.


While her supermodel career is successful, Ilona Smet is also very lucky in her personal life. In a relationship since 2012, the beautiful blonde actually said “yes” to Kamran Ahmed on April 16, 2022.

An association that took place in the greatest secrets. And it is therefore surrounded by people who are very close to them that the couple got married that day. While her little sister, Emma Smet, provided some clues about the wedding some time after the ceremony, Ilona did not post anything on social networks.

It took almost a month for the young woman to finally share some details about her union with Kamran. In fact, on Friday, May 27, 2022, David Hallyday’s daughter logged into her Instagram account and shared a series of photos taken during the ceremony.

In the pictures, we could see the newlyweds happier than ever. Dressed in a simple long white dress, Ilona Smet looks delighted with her adorable baby bump. By her side, her husband was also very elegant in his navy blue suit. In the caption for this series of photos, Estelle Lefébure’s eldest daughter had written:

“The happiest day of my life. Almost ten years of love and every day I love you even more. I look forward to living the rest of my life with you.”

A very adorable post that has been liked more than 10,000 times and which has been commented on by many internet users, but also by his sister Emma Smet. Very happy that her big sister has found love, the youngest of David and Estella commented: “Love love love. I love you”.

For her part, Estelle Lefébure described her eldest and Kamran Ahmed as “the most beautiful couple”. There is no doubt that she is also happy to see Ilona Smet so brilliant.


By being the daughter of David Hallyday, Ilona Smet is not only the granddaughter of Taulier, but also the niece of Laura Smet, her father’s half-sister. A family bond that is noticeable just by seeing the two women, since the sister and eldest daughter of David Hallyday looks like two drops of water.

Yes, Ilona and her aunt both have the same face shape, the same long, blonde hair and have also both inherited the Taulier’s steel blue eyes. They even look like twin sisters at first glance.

Sometimes the two women even have fun with their similarity on social networks. On her Instagram account, for example, Laura Smet had shared a photo montage of her and her niece wondering who is who.

And in addition to their similarity, Ilona and Laura Smet are also very close to each other in real life.

The proof, Leo’s mother often responds to her niece’s post when she has the opportunity, and vice versa. Moreover, when Emma Smet’s sister posted a picture of her last weeks of pregnancy, Laura could not help but react.

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A few days after sharing the photos of her wedding, Ilona Smet once again pampered her fans by posting a photo of her baby bump. On this Instagram post of June 3, 2022, the expectant young mom showed up in bikini with her adorable, round belly.

“I take advantage of this beautiful weather and these precious moments”,

she wrote in the caption.

A picture that did not go unnoticed by her aunt, Laura, as the latter left a small comment on her niece’s post.

Moreover, she is not the only one who has reacted to the release of Ilona, ​​as many internet users have also left comments there. Moreover, some of them are even convinced that Taulier’s grandson was expecting a little “rocker”.

“You need a little kissing boy”,

wrote a web user. Another also added:

“It’s a boy” at the bottom of Ilona Smet’s comment.

So should David Hallyday really have a grandchild or not? Time will definitely tell.


If Ilona Smet receives a lot of love after the publication of her wedding photos and her last weeks of pregnancy, the young woman has also been the victim of hateful messages from haters on social networks.

In 2016, for example, when she had completely taken her body on Instagram, Johnny Hallyday’s granddaughter received fierce criticism.

Looking at the somewhat thin body of Kamran Ahmed’s wife, some internet users have actually compared her to her mother Estelle Lefébure.

“Too thin, pity, your mother had great success at your age thanks to her curves”,

can we read.

Another Internet user also wrote “Blatant anorexia” in the comments to Emma Smet’s sister’s post. Critics that Ilona Smet has not decided to respond to. It is, after all, thanks to her body that David Hallyday’s eldest daughter was able to break into the world of modeling.

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