Husstandsvikingen, the man of the 2020s

Where does this Viking nickname come from?

It started with a short sentence from the voiceover in season 1 of the show “Cleaners, Household Experts”, which I have participated in since 2018. Together with three other experts in cleanliness and storage, we help people who are desperate to clean and tidy up in their interior. . The sentence stuck, and the show amplified things. I myself sometimes call myself the Viking (laughs).

You do not go unnoticed with your 2.05 m and your look. Have you stopped on the street?

Sometimes yes, and when I come to Paimpol, it’s clear I think I’m the biggest Paimpolais in town! I’m known there, I grew up here, even though I was born in Alsace, I’m necessarily Breton. The school was first Alfred-de-Courcy, then Gabriel-Le Bras and Lanvignec. We lived in Kerpalud. Champ-de-Foire was our playground and I also had friends in Kernoa.

School, did you go early?

Yes, I clearly failed in school. That was what we put in the heads of children, but after a skill assessment, I realized I was hypersensitive and HPI. We can therefore see that the system is not adapted. After the 3rd, I went into apprenticeship, in the restoration, a bit by default, and told myself that it would be less painful. I was very wrong (laughs). After CAP, BEP, I worked in the culinary world for 24 years and it marks. As a 38-year-old, I ended up taking a master’s degree in educational engineering and educational engineering, and I’m pretty proud of that.

Paimpolais at heart Alexandre Cressiot does not go unnoticed when he returns to the country. (A. Cressiot)

How did the TV adventure start?

I was registered with casting sites, for modeling, I had already made an ad. On Facebook, I just saw a message that said, “Who is a household freak?”. I just responded with an emoticon. I was seen like that, I was asked for a short video to introduce myself, seen by the casting director of TF1, and so we went.

Cleanliness, cleanliness, order, has it always been your thing?

Yes, from when I was very young, when I was a teenager in the 90’s. In my room I had manga, which should be tidy, in order. I cleaned my radio, it was supposed to shine, the holes had become toothed. On the other hand, I have not ridden my bed or vacuumed. It was my mother who took care of it; she was a stay-at-home mom. At the time, we were not yet talking about mental strain.

Patriarchy is still entrenched, but things are moving forward

Exactly, cleaner on TV, quite sexy and virile, can it change the mentality?

Yes, it’s a way to promote this awareness that guys are not necessarily forced to do nothing with their ten fingers except gardening. This patriarchy is still well rooted, but things are moving forward. In my book, “Do Not Throw the Towel in the Ring,” written in collaboration with Alix Lelief-Delcourt, I try, in addition to household advice, to infuse these ideas.

In “Cleaners”, what is the part of acting, of staging? Are we in reality TV, with a psychological side?

I fight a lot against this idea. We do not add anything, we do not make comedy, we are there to listen. We know that 3% of the population lives in this kind of interior, that Diogenes syndrome is a real disease. Moreover, those who want to attend the show pass twice in front of shrinks before validating the channel because we are still showing their intimacy. We do not claim to be psychiatrists, but we continue to keep in touch with those we have helped. I contact them at least once a month, just like Marie, from Collioure, who was my first intervention.

Do you feel like a coach at heart?

Yes, the will to help lies in my genes, that’s how I was raised. In the kitchen, I managed up to 60 people, trained apprentices, and in basketball, which I practiced as a semi-pro and had to give up for the kitchen, I also trained. Recently, I opened a self-help platform on Instagram (vikingehusstanden @ 2m05), which now has 17,000 subscribers. It is an exchange of competencies on a voluntary basis with a mutual assistance tab. For example, there is an HRD that offers to help with a CV … Finally, at the request of the Department of Côtes-d’Armor, I worked in pairs at colleges in Plénée-Jugon, Plérin, Loudéac and Pléneuf-Val-André, for to talk about gender inequalities in 6th and 3rd grades. And I still have other projects on the way …

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