Super Challenge de France: “This is Massy! »

Winner of 2019 in Toulouse, Massy retained his trophy. A fourth coronation, which once again honors the Massicoise formation. A Toulon tournament that also revealed a fantastic opening half, Shéhérazade Saiki.

Since June 2019, the France-Midi Olympique Super Challenge Trophy has been based on the premises of the Massicoise rugby school. Sunday night he returns there for at least eleven months. Yesterday afternoon in the very beautiful sports arena Léo-Lagrange, which faces Mont-Faron, the next generation from Massic won the fourth Super-challenge from France-Midi Olympique in its history. After 1992, 2003, 2019, it will now be necessary to add 2022. Less than twenty-four hours after the national coronation of his pennant team, Mathieu Lapèze’s foals have written a beautiful page in their young rugby history.

Massy certainly won, but at the last minute of the last match against Lyon, crucial for the award of first place. Massicois had a few cold sweats, especially the management, but also the many fathers and mothers who sang through Sunday “Here’s Massy”, the bench and the fifteen players breathed a sigh of relief after a very demanding tournament and a temperature flirtation of thirty-five degrees. At a height of 45 meters, the Lyon defender tried with the advantage of the wind the penalty kick from the last chance. The little “gone” kick failed. At this last act, the referee put an end to the debates and lifted the suffering on the Massicois bench, happy that this duel ended with a goalless scoring and parity (0-0) synonymous with first place.

Mathieu Lapèze joins Jean-Daniel

Massy may have suffered at the end of the match against Lyonnais, throughout the tournament Essonian’s victory is entirely justified. On Saturday, the team, like Mathieu Lapèze loved ones, managed their first two meetings excellently by taking the best from Perpignan (14-12) and Bègles-Bordeaux (12-8) in great beauty.

During the second phase, Essonniens started successfully against Toulon (8-0) and achieved their best performance of the day by winning against Brive (18-0). In addition to the quality of his collective, perfectly functioning playing patterns, Massy has a nugget of gold, the 15-year-old Algerian-born opener, Shéhérazade Saïki, who has an extraordinary kicking game.

For the record, the schoolgirl (who will soon pass the patent) has a twin brother, Yanis. While his sister won the France-Midi Olympique Super Challenge, his brother played as a pillar in the Gaudermen quarter-final against Usap. As a gymnast by training, the young opener intends to continue his great oval adventure. “I discovered rugby with my brother as part of school activities. We joined the chicken team and then we rose in the ranks. Next year I will join the Massy-Bobigny women’s team. Playing at the highest female level is one of my goals” , she says. After the trophy was handed out, Didier Achcongar, head of the Massicoise rugby school, was overwhelmed with emotion. “We have amazing children, amazing parents. Honestly, this victory, I dedicate it to our U14 manager, Mathieu Lapèze. He won the victory in 2019, he confirms in 2022. His father, Jean-Daniel also won the Super Challenge in 1992. and 2003. In Massy, ​​we are fortunate to have excellent coaches. As long as we have leaders like Mathieu, Massic rugby will still have a bright future ahead of it. “

Toulon 2022 is now complete. The president, Gérard Tugas, described it as an excellent vintage. “After two years of absence, we had the great pleasure of reconnecting with the competition. Honestly, we saw a fantastic edition. Now we are resting. And as soon as possible we are preparing for the next one.” Normally, Agen has to organize the 2023 edition, but this has yet to be confirmed by the steering committee. Can’t wait for June 2023!

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