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With its own CMS (content management system), SpeedMedia enables you to have your own site completely on its platform, but also to integrate all functionalities into an existing website.

Do you want a new website designed entirely for tourism and leisure professionals? Do you want to offer online and in your agency offers from dozens of Tour Operators connected in real time? Do you dream that updates are done automatically every night without having to worry about it? … read the rest of this article, we definitely have THE solution.

Written by SpeedMedia on Monday 6 June 2022

Modular, adaptable, adaptable

SpeedMedia, simple, effective and fast tools specially designed for tourism
SpeedMedia, simple, effective and fast tools specially designed for tourism

SpeedMedia, simple, effective and fast tools specially designed for tourism

SpeedMedia has a fully customizable platform according to your own distribution strategy and connected to more than 70 TO. Flows are extracted from this platform that can feed a B2C e-travel website. Produced by tourism professionals, for travel agencies or tour operators, this platform is extensively tested and makes it possible to distribute offers for stays, circuits, clubs, car tours, cruises, rentals, etc.

Besides the fact that you can also enter your own products if necessary, it also has specific functionalities such as a Groups module, a gift list, a Works Councils, Associations or Friends module, a B2B option for your agents and many more tools that are designed to make your life easier and increase your web presence.

Easy creation and customization

With our website building tool, we wanted to make the web more accessible to everyone! By applying the latest technologies and continuously developing many features, we have built our own tool for managing and building websites.

With an intuitive interface, no technical knowledge is required. With our CMS (Content Management System) you can create and manage your own website in a few clicks.

Whether you have the resources in-house, or rely on a specialized web agency or our technical team, you’ll always be in control of a site that’s fully customizable and has powerful integrated modules. Change a logo, change your colors, create content pages, insert videos or photos, configure a search engine, create blocks of offers or even optimize the natural referencing of your pages… you have access to everything.

Do you already have your own website?

You already have a website and you don’t really want to change it? On the other hand, do you want to automatically provide offers from TOs on the market?

Whether it is a site under WordPress, Drupal, Wix or anything else, we can adapt it to insert a fully dynamic and perfectly integrated part into your existing website!

This is a trend that continues to grow. Indeed, many agencies have invested in a new website and have no intention of destroying everything to start over or simply have not written everything off yet if the investment lent itself to it. They let their knowledge or the local fabric work for greater convenience and proximity….

It does not matter, in 99% of cases we manage to reproduce the existing ones, to adapt the already existing graphic charter, to merge the elements of our tools to integrate them so that in the end there is no need then adding a tab in a menu or linking to our dynamic content pages and connected TO offers.

If you already have your own site, we aim to resume design and graphics to make it an existing and functional element of your site. You place an entry in a menu, behind a tab, an image and a text so that it is fully integrated into your site.

Adaptable and adaptable

Our pages, which are completely modular, allow you to have our multi-TO booking module and purchase tunnel on your website, without any prior installation. Besides the fact that you have the possibility to sell the packaged products of the main TOs on the market, as well as your own products, online, you can apply your distribution strategy or select the Producers you want to display, the destinations, the departure cities, themes, price rules, … in short YOUR own strategy, which you already apply in your point of sale(s).

Whether you are self-employed or part of a network or franchise, you offer and sell the products that suit YOU according to your own platform settings. Nothing is imposed, everything is offered, you are free to use the tools and possibilities that are made available to you in our tools.

For its platform and the sites we offer, we invent new ways every day to meet the needs of your customers to put technology at the service of your core business: sell trips† Concentrate on your commercial policy and your distribution strategy, we develop the tools with which you can apply them.

Customized or à la carte

Easy to learn, our packaged formulas can also be customized or used à la carte. Whether you have an extraordinary web project or just want to implement a new feature, anything is possible with our websites!

You immediately have a website that can be consulted and consulted via all media (smartphones, tablets, computers, connected TV).

Whether updating your site or starting from scratch, we offer you our expertise in web design and web mastering to improve the ergonomics of your site and the presentation of your products.

Experience and convenience

For almost twenty years we have been supporting travel agencies, networks and tour operators with user-friendly tools and powerful websites. Every day we provide our users with the means to develop their sales, manage their distribution and make sales on the Internet and in agencies. In this way we meet all the wishes of travel agencies, both in B2C and B2B.

TO provides updated offers every night and consultation of quotes or reservations in real time: during the period we are going through, it is not easy to know which offer is available at which TO. SpeedMedia centralizes the production of the most important TOs on the market, so that your customers and your agents can know, in real time, the availability of thousands of offers on thousands of dates….

Tools that evolve

Our platform and tools are constantly evolving. Whether it concerns new connected TOs, new functionalities, widgets for social networks, evolution in the sales funnel or even the implementation of new flows, we are working on a resolutely scalable tool.

In addition, you can add many optional modules if you want to go even further:

● Works Councils, Associations or Friends module
●Group module to enroll individuals in an existing group online
● Gift Lists Module (Weddings, Birthdays, Retirement, etc.)
● B2B module and password vault

What are you waiting for?

It’s about time you used the right tools!
Increase your sales reach by choosing a SpeedMedia website.


SpeedMedia: websites that integrate seamlessly
SpeedMedia: websites that integrate seamlessly

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