a relentless battle for places

The first results of the access platform for higher education fell on Thursday, June 2nd. And they threw many students into sometimes intense anxiety. Although not all student exams have been passed, was it really necessary?

A rejection and all his other wishes “pending”. That’s what Mathieu discovered (first name has been changed) on Thursday, June 2, when he joined Parcoursup to find out the verdict. Not the slightest positive response. However, this high school student in Saint-Denis (93), who dreams of becoming a lawyer, did not ask for selective courses, just a place at the university. “He is very poorly ranked. Roughly speaking, it’s 1,500e on the lists! »worries his mother. “Why are the average kids in school who come from less than highly rated companies – at least the majority of the crowds! – would not have access to a higher education? In his class, a friend refused to send him a screenshot despite of his 44 desires everywhere. It’s utter violence! ” This journalist does not lose his temper, ready to fight like a lioness for his son: ‘Even though I have to spend my days and nights there until October, it gets registered somewhere. »

Many other families felt the same shock when the results were published. By 2021, 46% of students in recent years had not received any proposal on the first opening day of the platform … Enough to cause a peak of stress that they undoubtedly would have done well without a few days before the final student exams.

Faustine, who is now training as a specialist educator, experienced this last year: “The first day I was not taken anywhere. After 48 hours, I started going up on the waiting lists. The first positive response I got did not interest me at all. You have to be very strategic: either you deny the place, but you risk to end with nothing; either we accept it, but it erases all our other requests; or we put it on hold. I was so stressed that I was afraid to press the button! “says this student from Bourg-en-Bresse, in Ain.

“One and a half month to wait”

What is this long wait that contributes to the anxiety that grips the candidates? For Arnaud Bontemps, spokesman for Nos services publics collective, the responsibility lies in removing the hierarchy of wishes at Parcoursup: “Before, the algorithm had more information so that in forty-eight hours it could offer students an answer corresponding to their desire. Now students spend a month and a half waiting for the platform to offer them something that suits them! » Not to mention the humiliations associated with the struggle for places without mercy that this system brings to light: “The top placed are very well served immediately, they often get more wishes met, while the lower placed are sometimes on waiting lists for thousands of other students. The first sign that society is returning to them is that they are 4,000e ! »

‘My son is completely crushed while he has two lawsuits left. It’s really hard to motivate him. “

These students, who are in a low mood, convinced that their efforts have been for nothing, are still not finished passing the matriculation exam. Remobilization of the troops is then in some cases a challenge: “How can it be that we close our promises without having the results of the matriculation exam? My son is completely depressed, he does not want anything while he has two tests left. It is really hard to motivate him.”, argues Sandra. It’s not caught anywhere yet. Neither in PASS (specific health access course), nor in license for health sciences, nor in STAPS (sciences and techniques for physical and sporting activities).

The height of his parents, both professors of EPS. “It’s a sector in suspense, but we know he crossed all the boxes”, says Sandra. A good level in SVT, the choice of the “extra mathematics” option in the last year, a commitment in high school as a delegate for sustainable development and outside as a first aider … What more can you ask for? “His first choice is medicine. But I did not think that even physio, going through STAPS, it would be complicated. I feel sorry for him, he made so much trouble! We are not chicken parents, but it is very difficult to see him desperate. “, she breathes. Her son is starting to imagine going to Belgium to study medicine, but his mother is not sure she can afford to pay for him to study abroad … In short, she is using a “dirty summer”.

If the adults are so desperate, it’s because they have not experienced the same pressure. “In my time, in the early 2000s, you could be a great layman, have your high school diploma hard and go to university! »admits Aurélie, professor of Val-d’Oise. “What really ends is this: the student who enrolls in college in all carelessness without having worked too hard. »

Today, a course of higher education is prepared months in advance: you must not make mistakes in the choice of your specialties, have good grades and … behave impeccably through the last year, this teacher believes. “I have a good student if all requests for preparation lessons have been rejected. There is no secret: he is too careless, sometimes absent … These kids are not very academic, a little talkative, they are actually just teenagers! Except that with Parcoursup, it no longer works. If they do not want to pay cash for their nonsense, they must be spot on. But in the end, it is the severe shortage of places in higher education. » And that, the platform has nothing to do with it. It just acts as a sounding board.

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