Best romance opportunities in Mass Effect Andromeda

If you ranked every Mass Effect game from the worst to the best, Mass Effect Andromeda would probably not rank well. Still, it offers unique romance possibilities that go beyond previous games. If you want to know the best of these options, check out our list of the best romantic options in Mass Effect Andromeda below.

6 – Tiss

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It’s very annoying to have PeeBee as a romantic partner, but many players have found her endearing. Peebee is a romantic option for both male and female Ryder. While her honesty can get boring at times, it’s helpful because you can see when she’s falling for Ryder.

She may not want anything serious in the beginning, but over time she becomes more invested in the relationship. PeeBee is a really random romance because it is exaggerated and many players did not like it at their party. If you like her personality, this is one of the easiest romances.

How to Romance PeeBee

PeeBee is one of the easiest characters in the game for romance. Basically, you just have to be nice to her in order for her to develop feelings for you. At Tempest, you should flirt with her. After meeting her in her apartment on Nexus, you can make a deal with friends with benefits or decline and develop your relationship into something more serious later.

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5 – Avela

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Avela is just a romantic option for the male Ryder. Her motivation to learn more about the origins of the Angara people is strong and she is very intelligent. As the player helps her in her search for relics to study, the relationship will grow.

Avela fears being a distraction in this relationship as they are both too busy to devote themselves to romance as much as they want to. She ends the discussion by promising that when it’s all over, they can start over.

It may seem strange to have on the list, but there is chemistry between Ryder and Avela, just as there was between Tali and Shepard.

How to romanticize Avela

After completing her side missions, you will be able to flirt with Avela, but there will be no love scenes or engagements. It’s a romance that will only continue if she and Ryder return in a sequel. In the same way that Shepard could not romanticize Tali until after the first Mass Effect, Avela could play a similar role.

4 – Liam

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Liam is the partner of the female Ryder and is pretty easy to reach. Liam is the second teammate Ryder gets and can be good friends with the male Ryder. He wants the player to know that he is having trouble expressing his feelings, but it’s mostly that he does not like to be negative.

You can go on dates with Liam, who dreams of colonizing Andromeda. Liam mentions it at first, but his conversations about dates have a lot more enthusiasm.

How to romanticize Liam

Liam and Cora are easy to get and choose for the opposite sex. Eventually, you will be able to unlock the loyalty mission by working on your relationship with flirting. Once the loyalty mission is complete, he will ask players to meet him at Prodromos so they can agree to be his partner.

3 – Cora

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In Mass Effect Andromeda, Cora is the player’s father’s second in command. A male Ryder can only romance Cora, but it’s the easiest romance to start. At first, they have a rocky relationship because she thinks she should have become the next Pathfinder instead of Scott, but eventually she bleeds up on Ryder.

Despite being a tough and talented fighter on the outside, she hides a sore soul that longs for a home with a rose garden and someone to explore the world with. It’s a strange character twist, but it makes her more interesting to talk to.

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How to Romance Cora

Although Cora is a well-developed relationship, it is not one of the most interesting. The player must flirt with her regularly on every occasion until she unlocks for her loyalty mission. There are several parts of this quest for loyalty that culminate in Ryder’s discovery of the lost Asari Ark. Once the mission is complete, the players must leave their ship and then talk to Cora. She wants a sincere conversation with the player where they can agree to be partners.

2 – Wind

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Vetra is the female Garrus in this series and can be romanticized as male Ryder and female Ryder. Vetra has a lot of dirty business, but she uses it to help people. On the contrary, it is more useful than the current leadership of the Andromeda initiative.

She is one of the more traditional romances and she will try to be a good partner, which is what makes this one so satisfying. In fact, she just wants a normal relationship that you see on TV that really complements her character.

How to Romance Vetra

Both riders have the opportunity to date Vetra. She’s a Turiane, so she’s tough and will not try to give the player a chance to flirt. Try to flirt as much as possible before his loyalty mission. During the player’s loyalty mission, Vetra and the player will have a conversation on the planet that will lead to the decision to go out or not.

1 – Comrade

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Jaal is an Angara that players encounter in Andromeda. Both Scott and Sara have romantic interests in Jaal. Jaal is a popular choice among fans because of many reasons. One of them is that it is the hardest to open. You can not love him until you are his friend and it takes time.

Then it slowly opens up and introduces the player to their family. The fact that it’s something he’s never done before makes him want to take it seriously. It’s one of the more formal romance possibilities in the series as a whole, but it makes it quite unforgettable.

How Jaal is romanticized in Mass Effect Andromeda

Although Angara is not afraid to express their feelings, they may be reluctant to act on them. By selecting the appropriate dialog options, players can flirt with Jaal. In addition, they must complete his Loyalty Quest, which consists of a series of smaller quests. As soon as this is done, players will receive an email inviting them to meet Jaal at Havarl where they can become partners. It will take some time for Jaal’s romance to flourish, but patience will pay off.

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