Compiègne offers the first Gay Pride of the Oise


It all starts as a bet. ”
Never gay pride in Oise? Why not do the first pride march in Compiègne!
Marie, 27, and her boyfriend take up this challenge with a couple of accomplices. ”
It was politically risky. Compiègne is known for being a bastion of Manif for everyone
says the young woman, installed for six months in the urban area.

Thus, the collective, which rises quickly to take all steps, is not unaware that the mayor of Compiègne Philippe Marini (LR) voted against the Civil Solidarity Pact (Pacs) in 1999 and had even appeared in a pink sweatshirt by Manif pour tous together with Frigide Barjot, figurative head of the opponents of marriage for all, during a meeting held in the Imperial City in 2013.

Seven years later, members of its city council, First Deputy Sophie Schwarz and Deputy Arielle François were still shown in a Compiégnois procession against the extension of the PMA to lesbian couples while the Bioethics Act was under revision. 2021

“If only one person is better off thanks to this walk …”

In this context, the organizers of the Compiégnoise Gay Pride raised some concerns. ”
The ban was not feared: to demonstrate is a right in France. On the other hand, we could be
limited to a static collection where the trajectory could be revised, resulting in invisibility
Had expected Marie.

However, the declaration made in the prefecture is validated without delay and without any change. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, those who claim to be queer, non-binary or intersex, and all their allies will be able to afford some family photos this Saturday, June 11th, with Compiègne Castle in the background. The demonstration will cross the center, with a passage in front of the town hall, and end in Songeon’s park with speeches.

“A festive aspect and a militant aspect”

There will be a festive aspect and a militant aspect. We stick to these two sidessays Claire Lequievre, 34, president of Clin d’œil, the LGBTQI + association in Compiègne, affiliated with the pride march collective. We want it to sparkle in the streets of Compiègne, with colors and joy. »With banners, multicolored flags and bespoke slogans. ”
In May, during a picnic at the water’s edge, a reflection workshop was held, with the manufacture of panels.

And a password:
The right to respect, to be free.

The order service will be held by CGT activists, and a safe zone, in the heart of the procession, has even been made available to those who prefer a calmer atmosphere. ”
Three hundred participants are expected.table Marie. We do not really know anything about it. If thanks to this walk only one person feels better in their body, in their life, then we have already won!

To know

In Compiegne, the first pride march is scheduled for Saturday, June 11 from 6 p.m. 14 from Place Charles-de-Gaulle. “Underground”, the theme bar on rue des Lombards, supports this pride march by inviting DJ Nataly K, FG resident, to a colorful evening.

In Laon, it will be Saturday, June 18th.

In Amiens, it will be Saturday, July 2nd. The LGBTQI + community held Picardy’s first Gay Pride there in 2019.

‘Openly homophobic’

Swinging “PD” would be a joke.
Catherine Patinet, regional delegate to SOS Homophobia, intervened in about twenty Picardy establishments during the year on the consequences of homophobic insults and violence. Thus, between 1,300 and 1,400 students from 4th to 12th grade have been made aware of these themes. About 200 teachers, CPE (senior education counselors), school nurses from the Rectorate attended an education day. The association has also supported two initiatives launched by university students from Chambly and high school students from Laon.

In the same class, it is not uncommon to have very open students, for whom “it’s about two people loving each other, period”, more and more children who have gay families and something new, teenagers who openly call themselves homophobic without complexity, notes Catherie Patinet. In meetings with SOS Homophobia, they hear the other views and a reminder of the law. »

In fairness, the homophobic nature is an aggravating circumstance. A young Noyonnais is thus being prosecuted by the juvenile court for having carried out a dozen attacks on homosexuals during the summer of 2020 between the Somme and Oise. The young man referred to this extortion activity with the code ”
Make coconuts
“because men looking for meetings on the gay network were targeted”
Homosexuals would have a hidden life and would be less likely to file a complaint
, ”A lawyer stressed for one of the victims during a lawsuit in April against three major accomplices. “
You are PD; we will torment you all four! »
A threat to Jérôme, a resident of Nantes on holiday, who fell into their clutches in mid-August. “
The choice of homosexual victims is governed by genuine homophobia and not just for convenience

, ”The expert psychologist remarked about one of the attackers. The three youths in their twenties were sentenced to 6 and 5 years in prison; the minor will be convicted later.

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