“Going on vacation is awful with kids under 5”: the testimony of a divided mother

When we say “holiday”, we imagine an ideal stay in the mountains, by the sea, in the countryside or even a trip abroad. We necessarily believe that everything will be fine, that this time with the family will be idyllic. Only for some parents it is not as simple as that. They know they’ll have to think about everything, figure out how to deal with the kids, even when it’s raining … And it’s stressful! To the point that some, as the summer holidays approach, dread this moment! This is the case with a British mother who says on the Mumsnet forum that she does not enjoy her family holiday.

Family vacations are awful for this mom

“Going on holiday is terrible with children under the age of 5. Why do I do it? Why does someone else do it? It’s just stressful, expensive, it always goes wrong, the children quarrel, are overtired and do not enjoy trips or planned trips. Rides or excursions; they are just as happy to play near a puddle in a shitty parking lot or throw stones one by one into a manhole “explains this mother, openly blasé holiday with her family.

She goes on to explain that her children never agree on what they want, so they end up “to compromise” and do “something no one wants”. “For some mysterious reason, it is considered a good idea to move children from a well-established routine and a familiar environment, where you have everything under control to an unknown place, where beds and rooms are different, so bedtime is a drama and you get little or no sleep.The weather is traditionally bad (thank you holiday in the UK) and you spend about three days trying to figure out how everything works in the new place.long car rides back and forth if you like me is crazy and you have booked a place too far “trusts this mother.

For her, returning to the house and to the usual routine is a real relief. “I do not think I abuse thinking about going on holiday with preschoolers, because all I could hear when I was out were angry / exhausted parents and screaming. No one likes holidays with under 5s, right?she asks.

Mothers shared in vacation issues

This mother’s testimony certainly eased the guilt of many parents who did not dare say they felt the same way. In fact, other mothers respond to the forum with similar stories. “My oldest is almost 9 years old and he can not even come with me to walk the dog around the neighborhood without a bitch, so the holiday is happy”, quicker a surfer. Another advises: “I can see what you’re talking about. I feel like there is no real holiday, that is, a break from life with a small child. But the best thing we have been able to do is take familiar things, like a toy box, their duvet, etc. Every person (if old enough to make a good decision) has the right to choose one thing, one place, one activity. ” According to a third person, things will work out in the end “Mine are 4 and 6, and I think we’re getting out of this tunnel. The last two vacations have gone well with a fair amount of good times.”

Other mothers, however, say they have a completely different experience of family vacations. “It’s definitely not my experience. That’s what I work for – I love holidaying with ours. It’s definitely been the best time we’ve had with them. Relaxed, fun, good weather, no work, nap when they want, stay up late, sleep better, no quarrels or stress. Honestly, I love every second “trusts a mother. “I completely disagree. I’ve been on big trips with my daughter since she was 5 months old (she’s now 4) and I love it.”, says another. And a user to add: “I understand well that some people do not like to take the children on holiday, but for the vast majority it is not a terrible experience. We have always taken ours since they were small children. It was easy, especially when they were very small. and tired at 19 o’clock after swimming a lot. “

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