“I have more common culture with his son”

Different ages – Manon, 31, and Didier, 56: “He was the first ‘mature’ man I slept with, and it was a revolution.”

According to an INSEE study, 6 out of 10 men are older than their spouses, but only 8% of couples are more than 10 years old. There has been a change in recent years: the average age difference seems to be widening. How do these couples, who have been opposed for almost a generation, live? Is it possible to live a balanced relationship when the two partners are not at the same time in their lives?

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Manon is 31 and Didier is 56, they have been in a relationship for 2 years. Manon met Didier through a friend: “It was not a dating night at all. We were there to talk about a professional project, and Didier had specific acquaintances in the sector. My friend asked him to come, and the four of us had dinner., My friend, her partner, Didier and I. During the evening we talked about serious things, but it was very clear that there was a lot of sexual tension.We pretended we were leaving separately, but we ended the night at my house. “

Manon had been single for 6 months: “I had just come out of a 5 year relationship, my first real big relationship. He was the same age as me, we were together in college. Before him I had only been with guys who also went to high school with me.I’m not very adventurous.Didier was the first “mature” man I slept with and it was a revolution.the same texture at all, he had more hair, well defined muscles.A man’s body. My head was full of shots, I was afraid he was having trouble keeping his erection, but it was not a problem at all. “

A cup of coffee to correct

The next morning Manon and Didier talked over coffee: “He’s not the ‘one-night stand’ type and I would like to see him again. I told him straight up that his age was not a problem for me and I told him my sentimental and sexual history. He did the same. He had a 15-year relationship with his son’s mother, who was 27 at the time, and he then went on to the stories that did not really hold. He explained to me what he expected from a relationship and told me he did not want more children, which is perfect for me who does not have any.not at all.We were not there but I thought it was cool that he made things clear right away. He did not want me to waste my time. “

Manon and Didier see each other at meetings, in the cinema, in the restaurant, at one or the other for 2 months: “We had a very classic start to the story. Once we had clarified our expectations, we lived our lives. I have hardly thinking about his age anymore, we had so many things to live and tell each other. I only really realized his age through the eyes of others. “

Video. “What is happening is an essential issue for our society”

Manon, who has been on cloud nine for weeks, is disillusioned: “Friends have pointed out that I could have been in a relationship with her son. At a restaurant, a waiter thought Didier was my father. My parents told me that they said they were afraid I would take care of an old man for years where I would live with something other than thinking about all this .. Me, I was already very much in love, every time it was a small injury.But it reinforced my desire to prove that they were wrong and that we were living in a real story, not the cliché thing of the old beautiful with a young girl.

A long awaited meeting with the son

She ended up meeting Didier’s son: “It was a strange moment because his son was on the defensive. He did not understand that a woman my age would live a love story with her father. He tried to find the fault. Lack of luck, Didier does not really have a legacy that justifies a “gold digger” clinging to him. I was not looking for the legacy. As the meal progressed, his son calmed down a bit and we could really talk together. That was when there was the second strange phase.We had a lot of things in common, books, cartoons.We are from the same generation in And these are things that I hardly talk about with Didier to avoid that we get into the situation where he tries to teach me things or even make me laugh at him because he can not see what I’m talking about. We had to accept that: I have more common culture with his son. But it’s Didier I love. “

Manon and Didier now live together: “I can not say that our age difference is never felt because it would be wrong. But we know how to laugh at it or accept it. It is a part of us. It is not necessary to pretend to be thirty again and I’m not going to dress up as a grandmother to age myself.There is a lot of respect between us and it goes down to our experiences in life.He knows I have many things to live, and I know he has done a lot without me. The most important thing is the memories we create together. I am just as in love with him as in the beginning. We have the same desires for the future. The past is behind, it gave “the opportunity to build ourselves and find ourselves at some point in our lives. For the future, it is our responsibility to make it work. And we want that time.”


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