[Nations League 2022] Is it “done being kids”?

Luxembourg meets the Faroe Islands this Tuesday evening, with the opportunity to sign off on an ideal start. Is the necessary maturity there?

It took a French internet journalist who decided to shoot a report with Maxime Chanot, who opened the doors to the award for him during the March trip to Bosnia, so that we could penetrate a little more intimately into the heart of the national award. There, at this somewhat secret football venue that is the locker room, we saw and heard Anthony Moris utter strong words during the break. They did not revolutionize anything that we know of the goalkeeper’s views, but his words will resonate strongly tonight, given the start of the Roud Léiwen campaign: “Boys, what we do is fantastic, we all know that. It’s a lot, very good, but the football, the money, the bonuses, the victory, the titles, the qualifications … everything is played within the sixteen meters, offensively, defensively.Now it’s over to be kids, it’s over to be kids! those who have played Champions League, Europa League, who have won titles, that is why it has been reduced! ”

Uncompromising in surfaces

It is doubtful whether this kind of speech, in the pause of a friendly struggle, can constitute a fundamental act of a generation growing up in a very reasoned way, and not emotionally. But still, in Lithuania on Saturday, that was exactly what happened. The Grand Duchy has not always mastered everything between the two surfaces, but nonetheless, it has been unforgiving inside. According to Anthony Moris’ wishes. By admitting in its only a minimum of scoring opportunities, winning most of the duels that it was imperative to win.

By creating the vital minimum of the opponent and by translating a good relationship with the desired technical mastery (he could even have benefited from one or two penalties). Luxembourg has thus beaten Lithuania, as it was formerly accidentally beaten by “intermediate” nations, that is, with realism, with cynicism. And it is an immeasurable quality that can daily tip a small nation in the mold into the court of medium-sized nations. Still to be confirmed.

“Thanks to the staff and Lars” …

The Faroe Islands will be even more of a battle than Lithuania. The country’s football culture, the size of its players and, inevitably, the still relative freshness of another encounter in a series of four, which occurs before extreme fatigue sets in … everything leads to it. Holtz believes that “thanks to all the staff and to Lars (Gerson) who helped us find this training ground”, Roud Léiwen limited the break in the regenerative despite losing a day in Norway after being unable to land on Sunday in Vagar. “In this situation, we did our best.” But concretely, we are already three days after Vilnius, three days before the arrival of Turkey, entering the leadership phase of the organizations. And therefore in a logic of possible rotation.

Florian Bohnert was bloody when he entered Lithuania. Mathias Olesen is literally breathtaking. And Lars Gerson, invited to the press conference at Torsvollur, said with a smile “never having seen if it meant we were on earth the next day”. But in general, yes, we are there!

Stewards, retire!

Holtz forbids anything, not even renewing the same team as in Vilnius. But yesterday, grinning under this stunning blue sky, which forms a peculiarity on a local scale, one of the union members remarked at the end of the neighborhood open to the press that it was “rare that a committee even asks the stewards for Holtz is therefore carefully preparing his shot. And besides of course Muratovic, who interrupted his session yesterday due to his left foot problem (Pinto had stepped on him during the warm-up, during the previous match), and who has a good chance to see this shock from the stands, we nt are not immune to one or more surprises.

But in order for it / them to bear its (their) fruits, it will still be necessary to fight against a synthetic, one more, the last (“We’ve been practicing this for ten days, Holtz grumbles. We’ve already lost Laurent Jans, I hope no one else.In the hope of launching this campaign on a very promising six out of six points, which would put a terrible effort on the reception of Turkey on Saturday in a packed stadium, it will be necessary to thwart it synthetic traps again. “It can not be worse than Vilnius,” Holtz agreed, also indicating that “the Faroe Islands are much better than Lithuania.” As long as it is not on both surfaces …

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