The closing sermon for Mgr Christory’s Pilgrimage in Chartres

My friends,

Your steps have led you to OursLady of Chartres, som welcomes you by introducing his Son Jesus to you. Here, his relic veil is given as a sign, but Mary is well present and alive. This is not one simple theoretical and mysterious confirmation. Jesus keeps telling us here is your mother ! “. Also in her remain Where around of that cathedral, installyou, safe conforally, but with the awareness that you are not alones because she is close of each of you.

Congratulations on your increased enthusiasm that your rhythm not, for some painful. Congratulations on your wonderful brotherhood, allows ofBeforetogether by supporting you and rent God. Now let’s close our eyes for a moment to put us in the presence of Jesus, that good sonloved by the Father who wants to speak to us : jesus is god and gives his life for us saved from sin and death. Every and each of us will be mindful, for the Spirit want to insert a special grace into our souls, a word of life personala call to give ourselves fully.

The theme of our pilgrimage is the sacredHeart. I was dating in the distance Iyoung people on Tourcoing -one middle school which bore that name, from 10th to 12th grade. does not m‘haveyouwe never talked about the sacredHeart ? I have no memory of it. EastTherefore I stopped all practice between 15 and 26 years old ? In all circumstances, the picture I had on thatwhen was it off-one simple Catholic expressions, -one strict disappointedsummerwithout interest in my opinion due to I did not feel worriede, she did not speak to me. What abouthe for you today ? It is true that in our contemporary era where the internet is busy a square growingewhere video games are made is gap of fraternization, how many talk more together on the networks social only between neighbors and where the meta-verse showsn still shy but opens up unexplored perspectivesLanguage exchange. Therefore, a question arises : at able to represent the coronationHeart for each of us today ?

In fact, he reveals to us the biggest the mystery of love. That of Dieu, the creator of this universe of billions of galaxies that have created the man and the woman in his image and placed them on a small blue planetprobably the most beautiful. To understand how the heart of Jesus reveals the unfathomable mystery of loveclock divine, let us take as our starting point the verse of John : God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have few eternal life. » Our faith revealed by Jesus teaches us that there is in God that life in first, emanating from this perfect and unceasing love, life exchanged between the three persons of the Holy Trinity. Tothis overflows by God for flood the universe that surrounds us. That God has created his finest work : human being. He has placed his masterpiece at the center of a creation flota reflection of his divine goodness and perfect, to make us co-creators by making it fruitful.

What a wonder in reality than this project. What an incredible responsibility than the one who trusted us, to know it off foster community between all our brothers and sisters men, to be in harmony with nature. That of looking after the common house which is like a ship sailing on great waters, sometimes calm eyou sometimes in full storm. Especially that of loving god hamsame which gives us our freedom views of the property. Our city is in heaven. Man is destined to live in the presence of Heavenly glory. We all have that call to enter thenns divine intimacy.

Unfortunately, from the beginning, out of pride, we use our freedom to do evil and let’s break Thus our relationship with God. But while this sin would have should have led to the removal of humanityGod the Father have chose ofsendyer divine sound Son for save us shareant our condition, teach us patiently then sacrifice his life until he dies on the cross. He gives everything, he rushes us with him into his death and he raises us with him to eternal life. This is proof that God has so much loved the world that he did not limit the power of his grace. He extended ite for all Men. Jesus did not come to judge the world, neither Christians nor others. He is coming, said snot Paul that all men must be saved.

To make this mystery of love known, Jesus reveals his loving and sensitive heart. First with the poor and the sick. Thosethese are notthey are not good loved ? Then against them and those who become children, it isonWhat do you sayx that makes him trust and bless. Then there are even the disciples whom he tirelessly teaches when they do not understand where he is leading them. Eventually, he turns to each of us and invites us after him, eliminate by his forgiveness the heavy burden of sin. His heart is pierced when, nailed to the woods by Ion the cross, and dying, he puts his spirit to God the Father. Then blood and water flow from his heart, the blood off his life offered so we have itfor life, water as the premise of the grace that we receive through the sacraments. With him we have life in abundance.`

Thus the sacredThe heart of Jesus is not one simple subject of piety. He is love pierced and still alive, which pours out grace prepared by the Father for his children. It perfectly expresses the divine love offered to each and every one of us. However, thereeven where he shows his divine cheart as a brburning ass, under the vaults of the Visitation Monastery in Paraythatmonial, Jesus expresses a complaint for the weekend DaisyMarried : here is this heart loved the world so highly and who does not receive the ingratitude » ! The heart of Jesus is like an open door to the burning fire of his love. So why iswe so indifferent ? Swe arewe are attentive on this love ? Isus in a real gratitout, we as pechSo each day and who benefits from its tireless forgiveness ? How many people baptized have forgotten their first love, the one that animated their soul from the womb maternal, and has Today denied their creator takes risenethan to lose the essential : eternal life ?

From the burning bush to The Sinai Desert, where God revealed himself to Moses, he did notincessantly giving his grace to the saints who that follow and make him confidence. Life of sSaint Charles de Foucault expressI so like it how the Spirit feels grabbed out of the lion’s den to lead him away from the world, up mountain from Chops, in his hermitage, Assecrem, where, bar of everything attachment to material goods, he made everyone’s friend for be always more the one from Mister. Yet among usChristians and Christians who are so much ungrateful, of rejection, of mediocrity. If we could understand what that means God is love » ! It does not deserve ityouit is not our conversion ? ONEand will radicale of choose it and of follow him ?

Dear friends, would you like toyou decide to follow Jesus until you give him your life ? Do not be afraid of excessive generosity ! Take effect, how the oneI who gave it all for love couldhe will take you away that life ? Christ gives everything but takes nothing away » as the Pope so wonderfully put it Benedict XVI

We’re coming out of Easter time. We reread the Acts of the Apostles. We heard at iinstantly the story of Cornelius, a pagan Roman convert, and of his whole family. Saint Peter hamhimself is outraged and affirms to the disciples “ does not had tohe did not give baptism to those who had already received the Holy Ghost? » He is true that The Holy Spirit blows where he wills, as the wind blows where he wills, Jesus says. Our the world is in disarray. There are many fears of political instability and economically, in the light of ideologies that want to distort our history and our culture.

Founded on it Christ, our church life is the bulwark against the crashing waves atheism and consumerism. The heart of Jesus is not a refuge. He is an source to receive strength fromup and welcome to our call own to contributesr to the development of a society promoter on justice and peace. Will haveactively participate in it? Will haveyou participate with all your heart ?

My friends, your trip today stopped in Chartres, where I welcome you with joy. Going forward, it isthis walk does not stop and continues tomorrow and the days Next carry the unchanging banner of the saint on your heartsHeart.

Be true to your beautiful calling. Amen.

Source: Our Lady of Christianity

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