The main characters in Fire Island, ranked by likeability

Hulus brand new movie, The fire die, is a powerful and fun celebration of the joy associated with queer love. With its brilliant cast, clever bids on the tale of Pride and Prejudice and the embrace of LGBTQ + representation, it’s likely to become a classic. Clearly, much of the film’s appeal comes from its characters.

Like any good comedy film, there are villains and heroes, but they all show a surprising level of complexity. Equally important, they also show different levels of sympathy when reunited for a week on Fire Island.

ten Dex

To begin with, Dex seems like a very likeable character. He has a lot of chemistry with the main character Noah, and it looks like they’ll be a good couple. However, it quickly becomes clear that there is more to him than one can see, and the whole thing is not very flattering.

In fact, he records having sex with Luke without his consent, which is a horrible thing to do. It thus becomes clear that he is far more invested in his own ego and vanity than in establishing a meaningful connection.

9 Cooper

One of the things that does The fire die such a great rom-com is its ability to create evil secondary characters. The first of these is Cooper, Charlie’s good friend and a bitingly sarcastic – but superficially sweet – person who makes it his mission to be cruel to Noah and Howie.

He is the kind of person who clearly has a very cynical and worn out view of the world and because he is attractive he thinks it gives him the right to make other people unhappy.

8 Charly

James Scully (famous for his performance in You, one of the best Netflix series) plays Charlie, Howie’s love interest. Although he is a friendly person, Charlie is benevolent in listening to the influence of his most toxic friends. It is precisely his inability to stand up for what he truly believes – let alone Howie – that almost leads to their split.

Fortunately, he’s saved from becoming a totally hateful character by coming to his senses before it’s too late, and he finally makes a big romantic gesture to Howie.

seven Will be

Since this is a story about The pride of prejudice, there was definitely a Mr. Darcy character. In this case, this person is Will, played by Conrad Ricamora (famous for playing Oliver, one of the nicest characters in How to get rid of murder).

Although he, like Mr. Darcy, appearing very resilient and even cruel, the truth is that he has a softer side. He sincerely loves Noah, and just as importantly, he keeps an eye on Charlie as well. He is, after all, a good friend.

6 Luke

Luke is another of the side characters, but like the others he manages to be quite convincing. He may be a bit sharp in the tongue, especially when it comes to his relationship with Noah, but he is nonetheless, deep down, a nice person.

In the end, it is clear that he considers Noah and the others to be his own kind of family. Plus, the fact that he’s being exploited by the villainous Dex makes him a likeable character.

5 Max

Although he’s just one of the supporting characters in The fire die, it is still very clear that Max is one of the most likeable characters in the film. As picky as he is – and he’s certainly the most excited of the group of friends going to Fire Island – he still cares about his friends and is ready to support them, even though he thinks their behavior makes less sense.

Moreover, when the chips are down, they know they can always count on him being by their side.

4 Keegan

Like all films with strong LGTBQ + representation, The fire die is very broad in relation to the many different types of gay men it represents. Although he is one of the supporting characters in the film, it is clear that Keegan is very likeable.

He seems to enjoy simply being in the presence of the people he loves most, and he approaches the week on Fire Island with an unmistakable, exuberant joy. He does not let anything stop him from enjoying his time there.

3 Erin

Margaret Cho brings her incomparable charm to the character of Erin, the lesbian owner of the house on Fire Island where friends go for a week. From the start, it is clear that she is an incredibly likeable person.

She takes the group of friends under her wings and she loves them in a way that many of their own families do not. Through all the romantic setbacks they face, they know they can count on her having their back.

2 Noah

As Elizabeth Bennett’s character in the film, Noah can be a little harsh at times, especially when he thinks he’s doing the right thing for Howie and his other friends. But it is also true that everything he does comes from a place of love.

Since his own family has obviously become distant from him, Howie and the others are the only real family he has. Eventually, he realizes that he needs to let Howie live his own life on his own terms, and he also realizes that there may be room in his own life for love.

1 howie

Throughout his time on Saturday Night Live, Bowen Yang has proven to be one of the most talented cast members in the show, and he brings his considerable charm and charisma to Howie’s character. Like Noah, he clearly has traumas in his past, but that does not stop him from being a very bubbly personality.

It is precisely his willingness to be vulnerable and tell others how he feels that makes him both very likeable and very complex. That is one of the main reasons The fire die will go down as one of the best LGBTQ + movies of the 21st century.

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