15 best LGBTQ + shows to stream on Netflix

The vast majority of TV shows still feature mainly heterosexual couples, but as the world slowly changes and becomes more tolerant, the list of LGBTQ + -friendly shows continues to grow. Some programs on Netflix, e.g. strange eyehighlights gays and same-sex relationships very openly, while some are a little more subtle about it.

Either way, the LGBTQ + community is finally getting airtime in almost every genre, so get ready to spread your little heart out.

Updated June 8, 2022 by Danielle Bruncati: June is Pride Month, which means there is no better time than today to celebrate the many wonderful LGBTQ + shows streamed on Netflix. While there had been a handful of LGBTQ + shows and creators on traditional forms of television, Netflix has really helped the LGBTQ + community break into the streaming world. Today, the streaming service offers one of the most diverse selections of LGBTQ + content. From shows about teenage lovers and documentary series about real people to funny comedies and dramatic dramas, there is no shortage of LGBTQ + content. It’s the perfect place to go after a successful Pride parade to decompress and fall in love with these rich and diverse stories.

Favorite (2022-)

Heart attack started as a free web comic that turned into a best-selling graphic novel series, and is now one of the biggest shows on Netflix. The first season was dropped in April 2022, from May 2022 the LGBTQ + teen series was picked up for a second and third season.

The series is centered around Charlie, a young gay teenager who was relentlessly bullied by his peers over the past year when they found out he was gay. Looking for a fresh start, Charlie ends up becoming friends with Nick, an older classmate who is extremely sweet. As Charlie and Nick spend more time together, Nick begins to question his own sexuality.

Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Schitt’s Creek started as a small Canadian show that eventually caught the attention of American viewers thanks to the show that aired on Netflix. The sitcom is created by the father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy and centers on the wealthy Rose family who lose everything and are forced to move into a run-down small town motel they bought for their son as a joke.

While the series is hilarious, it got most of its attention for its phenomenal LGTBQ + portrayal, especially when it comes to Patrick and David’s love story. Although Patrick did not attend the show right away, he instantly stole millions of hearts, and his episode became some of the best episodes of Schitt’s Creek.

Getting out of Colton (2021)

While Colton Underwood played in the NFL for several years, his real progress came to fame when he appeared in the 14th season of one of the greatest reality shows ever, the bachelor, and later the 23rd season of The single person. His season sparked a lot of talk and shocked the world again in 2021 when he came out publicly as gay.

Following the announcement, Netflix gave Colton a reality miniseries exploring his rise to fame and his experience with his sexuality. The series features Colton chatting with other high-profile LGTBQ + celebrities, including Olympian Gus Kenworthy and other gay former NFL players.

Young Royals (2021-)

One of the unique features of Netflix is ​​that it offers a wealth of international titles that expose other audiences to international shows such as. Young royals. The Swedish teen series revolves around Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, who is sent to a distinguished boarding school after having problems at home.

Wilhelm struggles to fit into school until he begins to bond with his classmate Simon. As the two get to know each other, Wilhelm begins to question his feelings for Simon, and the two enter into a secret relationship. When Wilhelm’s brother dies unexpectedly, Wilhelm is thrown into a world of royal duties, threatening his relationship with Simon.

Grace and Frankie (2015-2022)

Grace and Frankie became Netflix’s longest running original show ever, but before that it wrote history as one of Netflix’s first LGBTQ + stories. The comedy series revolves around Grace and Frankie, two friends who have been forced to spend time together because their husbands are business partners. When their husbands announce that they have had an affair for decades, Grace and Frankie find that they lean more on each other than they had ever imagined.

Although Grace and Frankie are the main characters, the series explores the relationship between Sol and Robert. It is an important show because it shows what a gay relationship can look like later in life and that it is never too late to live alone.

Jewelry (2019-2020)

Based on the young adult novel of the same name, trinkets is about Elodie Davis, a young teenager who has been forced to move in with her estranged father and new family after the death of her mother. In addition to mourning, Elodie has to attend the weekly Shoplifters Anonymous meetings after being caught in shoplifting too many times. It is in the group that she meets two other teenage shoplifters.

While the show largely focuses on Elodi’s friendship with the other two girls, it also explores Elodi’s romantic relationship. As a young lesbian, Elodie is still figuring things out when she begins a relationship with an older singer.

Special (2019-2021)

One of Netflix’s most underrated LGBTQ + shows is Particular. The semi-autobiographical series stars Ryan O’Connell as a fictional version of himself and is adapted from his memoirs. In the series, Ryan, a gay man with cerebral palsy, refuses to let his visibility hold him back as he tries to find love, friendships and independence in the world.

Particular ran for two seasons on Netflix and received recognition from both critics and fans. It went on to achieve four Emmy nominations, including one for the Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

One day at a time (2017-2020)

Restarted from Norman Leer’s beloved sitcom from 1975, the update One day at a time focuses on the Cuban-American Alverez family. Penelope, a single mother and military veteran, tries to keep everything together while caring for her two teenage boys and an elderly mother who lives with them.

Although Netflix unfairly canceled One day at a time after three seasons, the show ran one more season on POPtv thanks to fan support. The series captured the attention of the LGBTQ + community for Elena’s upcoming story and her relationship with non-binary partner South.

I’m not okay with this (2020)

I do not agree with this was adapted from a Charles Forsman graphic novel of the same name. Despite building a cult following on Netflix, the dark comedy coming-of-age series was sadly canceled after one season.

The series was centered around Sydney Novak, a teenage girl who faces normal teenage growing pains, such as surviving high school and exploring her sexuality. The complicated thing is that Sydney has started to develop superpowers.

Queer Eye (2018-)

by Netflix strange eye is a reboot of the popular Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which took place from 2003 to 2007. The premise of the show includes a team of five gay men (The Fab Five) who set out to “makeover” a hetero man by renewing his wardrobe, home decor, grooming habits and style choices.

Yes, the show leans heavily on gay stereotypes, but Fab Five is made up of true professionals, and the show is surprisingly heartwarming, emotionally charged, and uplifting.

Orange is the New Black (2013-2019)

Orange is the new black was originally based on memoirs of Piper Kerman, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (2010), and became Netflix’s most watched original series. In the TV adaptation, Piper Chapman is sentenced to one and a half years behind bars after transporting drug money to his ex-girlfriend ten years earlier.

The show follows Piper’s difficult adaptation to prison life and features a very feminine cast filled with queer characters, racial diversity and world-weary inmates just trying to keep their heads above water in a deep-rooted prison system.

Sense8 (2015-2018)

Reason 8 is a TV series of sci-fi drama with cultural diversity, pansexual characters and transgender / interracial relationships, so if you’re interested in an LGBTQ-friendly show, you really can not go wrong with this one. The series revolves around the lives of eight strangers from all corners of the globe who suddenly become “sensates”, or people who are somehow mentally and emotionally connected to each other.

The show includes a transgender female character, two lesbians and a gay couple, which is why it has been highly praised for its portrayal of LGBTQ characters and themes.

Everything stinks! (2018)

Everything stinks! is a coming-of-age show set in the mid-90s, so get ready for some serious nostalgia. The show centers on a group of awkward teenagers trying to find their niche, especially Kate, a young “tomboy” who struggles to come to terms with his sexuality in a world far less tolerant than it is today.

Unfortunately, despite its depiction of LGBTQ problems and overall greatness, the show was canceled after one season. He has now come to the highly esteemed “club canceled after a season”.

Gypsy (2017)

Although canceled after only one season, Gypsy was a psychological thriller starring Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway, a bisexual psychologist who secretly infiltrates the lives of her patients and begins to pursue a young woman with whom she shares a mutual attraction.

The first and only season consists of ten episodes, so it’s one you can easily overlook on the weekends.

Wynonna Earp (2016-2021)

There are not many “supernatural western horror” TV shows in the first place, let alone those with LGBTQ + themes, but Wynonna Earp is certainly one of a kind. Wynonna is the great-granddaughter of the legendary Wyatt Earp and a certified badass who fights against “revenants” or reincarnated outlaws from the old wild west.

Eventually, Wynonna is joined by her gay sister, Waverly, and Nicole Haught, Waverly’s girlfriend, in the endless battle to keep supernatural beings at bay.

Did Obi-Wan Kenobi just confirm that Mace Windu is dead?

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