a bloody guilty pleasure between Friday the 13th and One Night in Hell

Remember last summer’s cabin in the woods

A gang of young summer camp leaders, a big campfire, huts lost in the depths of the forest, an almost invisible threat, screaming children in the forest and rednecks. Aside from a few elements, the impression of taking the same ingredients and reserving the same cocktail as the one used to design Until sunrise floats around the the quarry by Supermassive Games. The first previews even suggested that the last English title would be some kind ofUntil sunrise 2

The developers would have contented themselves with taking the same recipe and transporting the concept ofUntil sunrise from a snowy mountain to a forest by a lake. The structure itself hasn’t changed: players take turns controlling the story’s nine protagonists, trying to escape the mysterious menace hanging over them and survive their last night in Hackett’s Quarry camp. Even though this impression of deja vu seems justified on paper, nothing could be further from the truth.

Are we telling scary stories?

Supermassive Games is the king studio to sow doubt and mislead the public† With them Until sunrise released in 2015, the English had fun transforming a classic slasher that looked like torture porn into a tale of monsters worthy of the Hammer. A twist formula that surprised players and propelled Supermassive to the forefront of the video game scene. Not content with fooling gamers into their games, Supermassive also managed to trap the real-life audience and make everyone believe that the quarry would be Until sunrise 2.

Under its survival horror look, designed as a tribute to the horror classics of the 80s, Friday 13 Where sleeping campthe quarry is actually very different from what the trailers and prologue suggested. The crooks of Supermassive take the players from a very teen slasher oriented starting point to gradually switch to a tacky atmosphere on The hills have eyes before flirting with folk horror. More than ever, with the quarry Supermassive Games proves it masters the subject of survival horror.

The quarry: photoQif we understand that Supermassive made fun of us

Find victims for lasting relationships

In terms of game design, Supermassive has not reinvented the powder. The English have kept their design method and game offering very close to the interactive film, alternating stages of research, QTE and branching dialogues. Mechanics to which the “Death Rewind” system has been added to prevent a character’s death. Where the quarry distinguishes itself from its elders, it is in the quality of his writing

Far from the slick, generic characters that are just good enough to serve as cannon fodder Till the dawn, Man of Medan Where a little hope, Supermassive has taken great care in the creation of its protagonists. For the first time in one of the studio games, the heroes benefit from a real personality. the quarry offer much more complex characters than it seems at first glance

Jacob (voiced by Zach Tinker), who passes for redneck sports fan service, is actually a lot more sensitive and a lot less stupid than it seems. Behind her mindless bimbo image, Emma (Halston Sage) is a strong, independent woman. A fan of horror podcasts, Ryan (the excellent Judge Smith) is a troubled young man with a heavy family history…

The quarry: photoQonion says teen slasher says young lady in bikini

If they all clearly have the profile of the perfect victim, they also have enough character to become a potential hero. Supported by an excellent cast, with David Arquette in the role of the owner of the camp, Lance Henriksen in the skin of the sinister Jebediah, Ted Raimi, Siobhan Williams or Ariel Winter, the software offers a much tighter and more controlled narration then in habit.

A milestone was reached in staging with House of Asand the quarry transform the key. Supermassive finally offers carefully shot shots and image compositions. The game tries more daring camera positions, especially during the forest stages, and pays a strong tribute to evil death thanks to a camera that rotates at ground level with the most beautiful effect.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into managing light sources, with a chiaroscuro contributing to a quick plunge into horror. The software shows a technical high-end setting, the title is beautiful. The close-ups on the faces of the digitized actors are impressively realistic, with colossal lip-syncing work (only in VO). All this in the service of a delicious gore festival

The quarry: photofwouldn’t piss him off

embarrassing pleasure

The real fun of the horror game is the shiver that runs down your spine when you open a door that hides horrors, that cold sweat that starts beading on the back of your neck when you hear the roar of an unknown creature. On the horror film side, it’s a cathartic pleasure to watch characters get slaughtered like a Bresse chicken returning to the slaughterhouse. For Supermassive, the challenge was to combine these two sides of horror in a regressive gore video game delirium

The visit of Supermassive, the game will be in play to ensure the survival of the whole group of djeuns, but every failure, and there will be, is an opportunity to witness serious injuries, sometimes some will delight fans of torture porn, sometimes to inventive and especially jubilant murders. For its collection of morbid executions, Supermassive Games took inspiration from the classics of the 80s and 90s: the Anxious from 1985Evil Dead, Friday the 13th… The studio also spawned in the sticky waters of the 1970s with Salvation, and even delivers as a bonus gift a deranged family that uses the Sawyers or . is worthy Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The quarry: photoyoua beautiful hunting trip in perspective

Decapitation with head flying in fountain-like jet of blood, face smashed by shotgun, enucleation, hunting knife stabbed in ribs, body with torn pieces of flesh, drowning in a torrent of blood, bear trap clings to paws in pain, chainsaw mutilation, in tribute to Ash Williams, creaking bones, dislocated bodies… the quarry enjoying real horror bingo

Special mention for the staging of a transformation, both psychological and physical, with a brutal eruption of a character’s skin, which is the opposite of what horror cinema audiences are used to. Graphic, deep-seated and brutal, the mutation stands on camera in a blast of uninhibited hemoglobin that would have made Jackson Pollock happy.

The quarry: photoTorn by an Easter egg

Despite these bloody joys, the title is a bit shortUntil sunrise and D’House of Asthe error at a less frenetic pace. the quarry takes its time, plays with the tension, offers moments of relaxation to better scare its audience, but loses efficiency. In addition, the history and myths covered remain a little less surprising than those of his two illustrious parents.

Finally, the rather stereotypical 90s dressing of the title does nothing. From the title screen with a cathode ray tube screen and a VCR to the various retro filters available in the options, this graphic packaging doesn’t even cover the heart of the game and seems to have been placed there after the design of the software , story of surfing an artificial retro trend.

The Quarry will be available June 10, 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One. This test was conducted with a PC version of the publisher

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