Feed insects in the canteen. That is a reality.

We can clearly see pressure groups working with civil society on these food issues.

I have the “analytical” belief that animal suffering is only an alibi to make the masses feel guilty, as well as the “ecological” effects of animal husbandry. Not that all this can be discarded. There is no reason to make the animals suffer unnecessarily, in the same way that we can undoubtedly do much better in the organic approach to breeding.

However, we must not forget the facts. The animals devour each other all day long and without worrying about the suffering of the lion’s prey, which will tear its prey to pieces without stunning it in advance. Recent research on trees shows that they communicate and that they also suffer, plants are also living beings.

So in order not to make the living suffer, let’s make cellular reproduction factories where we can make synthetic meat and test tube plants.

We can also get our children to eat insects, which they are now doing in England. Remember, it’s probably no worse than the dirty beef tongue served in my kids’ canteen.

Four British primary schools will feed their pupils with insects

“Insects are thought to be nutritious and have a lower carbon footprint than regular meat,” say scientists. Young children will soon eat insects to encourage a new generation to switch from meat to insects – and to convince their parents to follow their example.

Pupils at four primary schools in Wales will be fed ‘alternative proteins’ such as locusts, locusts, silkworms, locusts and mealworms. The project to change the population’s diet begins this week.

The researchers hope their findings will provide insight into how to get British children – and by extension their parents – to believe in the environmental and nutritional benefits of edible insects.

Studies, workshops, interviews and focus groups will gather information about the alternative protein experience. Researchers teamed up with teachers in hopes of convincing participants ages five to eleven to give up meat and dairy products.

“We want children to see alternative proteins as the right thing for today and not just food for the future, so sampling some of these foods is a critical part of the research,” said Christopher Bear of Cardiff University. »

So our ecologists in the broadest sense only want a sad world, without pleasure, without joy, without adventure, a world of sanctions, where man must reduce his footprint, which may be audible, but in reality the problem is the reduction of man. No more eating, no more breathing, this green fascism and food fascism is unbearable and must be condemned for what it is, a fascism where useful idiots allow a few big players in this world, shareholders in synthetic meat start-ups to implement their investments.

To cut man off from nature is against nature and the very negation of an ambitious, constructive, positive and humanistic ecological project.

Charles SANNAT

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