High school students from Clermont-Ferrand report at CHU Estaing, where Apech gets to the bedside of hospitalized children

Since 1995, in Clermont-Ferrand, the Association for Inpatient Comfort (Apech), a local association free of operating costs and supported by a handful of volunteer carers, has worked with children in the pediatric sector and services that welcome minors. at CHU Estaing in Clermont-Ferrand.

As part of an editorial work in collaboration with The mountainof
students from Ambroise-Brugière High School in Clermont-Ferrand met and
interviewed Romain Lebeau, toddler educator and animator at
within the association.

What is the purpose of the association?

“The goal of Apech is to improve hospitalization conditions for
children and their families. The association is unique in France because it does not
focuses not only on pediatric oncology, but on the whole
hospitalized children from 3 to 18 years. »

What does the association offer children?

“Apech offers them several fun workshops and also brings more speakers to CHU, such as magicians, storytellers, clowns, musicians … Bringing a magician every 15 days, for example, represents a pretty significant cost., Of 6,000 euros per. years. »

What are the children’s reactions to the proposed activities?

“All the reactions from the children are very positive, the speakers are welcomed with great joy! Involving speakers provides a rhythm to the children’s week. For example, they know that such a day will come to a magician, such a day it will be a musician … Psychologically, it helps them move on, and it is also an opportunity for them to forget their pathology and recover. get away for a while. »

How is the association financed?

“The hospital cannot finance all the desired projects. Contributions received
from donors are not insignificant. In addition, some actions
performed to raise funds, such as pancake sales in front of CHU. We may also be invited by other associations or various partners who will participate in the financing of the association, such as the Banque Populaire Foundation, which granted us an amount of € 4,000. »

What are the association’s projects?

“We want to buy new equipment for the children, especially new games, but also arrange reception areas for families, offer more workshops for children, visual arts workshops, virtual reality workshops, etc. »

Has Covid-19 influenced the association’s action?

“In terms of donations received, no. But Covid has greatly limited the visits of
various speakers who could no longer come for hygienic reasons.
This has greatly affected the morale of the children and their families. »

What has the association given you personally?

“Being part of APECH has personally been very rewarding, even though I have only been a member of the association for two years. The most important thing for me is that the children benefit from it and that they are satisfied with the various workshops that are offered to them. »

The shortage of teachers does not spare the Clermont-Ferrand Academy

How can we help the association?

“Talking about the association around you is already an excellent start. Some colleges, for example, arrange cake sales to raise funds for the association. We also collect toys, but only new. Every gesture counts, even those that we might think are minimal.

As part of the Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Foundation Trophies, organized in collaboration with the Rectorate of Clermont-Ferrand Academy, the Center for Media and Information Education and La Montagne, students from Ambroise-Brugière high school in Clermont-Ferrand produced this article on Apech , first regional award in 2022.

Interview by Faustine Berard Demossier, Diego Berenguer, Sara Cimetiere, Damien Gay, Assem Laid, Eléa Neyraval Vieira, Salomé Ogeix Martinod, Florian Robert, Naïa Teillot, Rachel Villet, Selin Yesilyurt

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