THE GIFT To continue to exist, MFR Porte des Cévennes hopes for an uncertain approval

Students who wanted to take turns speaking (photo François Desmeures / Objectif Gard)

Parents, students, teachers and elected officials demonstrated in front of what will soon no longer be a family home in the countryside, following the delegation’s withdrawal from a professional matriculation examination. The remaining 150 students will have to consider their future elsewhere unless the board succeeds in seeking lasting solutions.

Olivier Bérard’s ears must have whistled. President of the MFR Gallargues, it was he who had delegated the vocational matriculation examination in services to people and territories (Sapat) to the Porte des Cévennes family home in Sauve. For this Wednesday morning, in front of what will soon no longer be MFR Portes des Cévennes, there was a lot to him and his vice president, Patrick Hernandez, former president of MFR de Sauve. They are the ones who ultimately condemned the delegation, especially because the presidency was not secured by a parent, even though it is a group of 70 parents who elected the current president, the former artisan Michel Chiarelli (read here and *).

“MFR, it’s over”

“LIM is over. We are no longer talking about MFR.” Michel Chiarelli is bitter, but now wants to move on. “We want to get an uncertain approval from DRAF (Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Forestry) which recognizes us as a training organization. We have pre-registrations, seventeen children are waiting to find out if they can come in second place. » Pre-registrations negotiated under the mediation of the Vice-Prefect Vigan at the first announcement of closure, in December 2021 (read here), and accepted by the MFR from the Petite Camargue, the same as withdrawing the delegation, source 50% of the revenue from the MFR Porte des Cévennes.

“It was subject to MFR respecting its obligations to the association”, explains Olivier Bérard, President of MFR Gallargues and the Territorial MFRs. Something that would not have been done in his eyes, due “Since October 22, the association has always been in opposition”. What justifies his exclusion from the MFR’s National Union when, among other things, Michel Chiarelli opposes his proposal to resign from the board on March 30 in the presence of about forty parents and representatives of the territorial MFR, regional and national. A termination rejected unanimously by the parents …

That ” serious breaches of associative control of the values ​​of the MMR movement ” that MFR Gallargues condemned therefore got over by the professional matriculation exam. “With the precarious approval for a year, we were able to take the professional high school diploma and apprenticeship, answers Michel Chiarelli. We wanted to work with partners, such as Mas Cavaillac, Ifad (information, training, animation, development) of the Ganges or IFME in Nîmes (educational institute for pedagogical professions). President of the first two units, confirms Jean-Luc Sauvaire. “I have been working with them since the creation of the MFR in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort. I have a large number of apprentices who come from here and have always been happy with the work done. It is heresy to close such a structure, “because it engages with children who are on difficult paths. It’s an ego war that undermines this tool. You have to keep it in the area.”

A group of parents under construction

On the contrary, the parents organize themselves in shifts. Émilie Martin heads a collective under construction. “We must save all children by keeping the certification Qualiopi which makes it possible to continue training. Some children have chosen this MFR and it has saved their lives. » A student mother who retains a vivid memory of her meeting on April 19 with the union board, which she experienced along with others. “We were abused, and even asked ourselves if we had the matriculation exam to make us pass for people who did not have the level of understanding.”

“The network also does not want us anymore. We continue without them, said the chairman of the structure of the microphone. I remind all elected representatives: We need you to help us achieve uncertain approval. » The mayor of Vic-le-Fesq and his first deputy came wearing their tricolor scarf, as well as a representative of the municipality of Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort. Mayor of Sauve, having been deputy, Olivier Gaillard went up to the podium to share his own experiences on the subject. “I worked from 2018 to 2020 for this MFR to gain its independence. There was even an agreement in principle from the Ministry of Agriculture.” And then the commitment withered with the resignation of the deputy.

The students got those present to sign petitions (photo François Desmeures / Objectif Gard)

In the midst of these speeches, it was the students’ testimonies that touched the audience. Like Zoé, a sophomore: “Before I knew this place, my only wish was to give up everything, stop the school system and therefore judge myself for a future without purpose. My senses were declining, my confidence in myself and others was at an all-time low, and at times I wanted to die. All because of a simple school system. A system that is not adapted to my difference: I am neuroatypical. » Angela, 15, writes it “this story is just a story about children as parents say”. With the abandonment of the MFR approval, the Fonsanges site could take the name CFA Cévennes Formation.

Francois Desmeures

* Incidentally, and contrary to what Olivier Bérard also claimed in our columns, the statutes of the MLFR of October 22, 2021, approved by the National Union of Rural Family Houses, certainly do not force the MFR to elect a parent as president. It is the board that must “consist, at least half, of fathers and mothers of families or legal representatives who have or have had at some point back to less than 3 years, one or more children in MFR”.

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