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Looking for a powerful smartphone that lets you play your favorite video games, watch movies, or even surf the web and take pictures like a pro? Look no further, it’s the realme GT NEo 3T for you!

We just presented it to you, but now we are going to tell you our feelings about the realme GT NEO 3T that we have been able to test for several weeks and the least we can say is that the brand is not kidding about it customers! It really is a very nice phone that, in addition to its photo and graphics performance, offers solid and fast charging while being insured in every way!

realme GT Neo 3T review

So it’s a really nice smartphone we have here, a beautiful piece with a design worthy of the biggest racetracks. If we were skeptical at first, we have to admit one thing: the realme GT NEo 3T will have surprised us! We make an inventory.

Design and packaging

The box sets the tone. Matte black, large and rectangular, it suggests the promise of a very beautiful smartphone. The long silver script, with this brand specific font, brings its little cachet and we like it a lot. The realme’s packaging is one we want to keep, for fun, even if it’s useless once opened. But the box is pretty, so it goes on a shelf in “you never know, it might come in handy” mode.

realme GT Neo 3T realme GT Neo 3T

Inside the box we find the smartphone, finally, surrounded by its protective plastic, we can already guess a very good quality screen, very wide but not overflowing, this very beautiful AMOLED panel fills us with hope. Of course, we immediately hope for good graphic quality and perfect clarity and we will not be disappointed, know that!

realme GT Neo 3T realme GT Neo 3T

Inside the box we find the charger with its USB-C cable, a protective shell and the classic small papers that come with smartphones.


With its 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, the realme GT Neo 3T gives it all! The FHD+ resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate are a real pleasure. The change is immediate for us who are still using an old Honor 8X (not that old, but still a little outdated). The brightness is impeccable, even outdoors. Of course you shouldn’t sit in the midday sun, but nothing spoils the fun and your smartphone is still usable even in broad daylight, which is quite reassuring because some models are just not bright enough to be used in such conditions (yes, we know that you also hid in the shadows to check your texts, or that you shoved your smartphone under the table to have a look, we’ve all done it). With the realme GT Neo 3T this is not necessary, the brightness is sufficient to consult your screen day and night.

realme GT Neo 3T

At night, if, like us, you are one of those people who check their smartphone as soon as you wake up, then you know that too much screen brightness can spoil this wonderful moment, realme, just like many other smartphones. now includes an automatic brightness adjustment that adapts to its environment, very practical and above all not at all aggressive to your eyes.

The colors are impressive. Their display is sublimated by the AMOLED panel of the smartphone and whether you choose display in vivid mode or in normal mode, the account will be there, you will notice a difference between the two and it is normal and moreover desired , but in general , whatever, because the rendering is sublime.


So there we can say we were surprised. If we are not on a smartphone dedicated to photography (like some brands that offer main sensors over 100 Mp), we still have a very nice camera. The main camera deploys 64 Mp, and the realme GT NEo 3T also offers a wide-angle camera and a macro (which takes very nice and very clear photos).

We tested different types of photos and the realme only weakens in one point: when there’s too much contrast. We wanted to take pictures of a show (thanks to the school) but between the darkness of the room and the brightness of the stage he couldn’t. On the other hand, in a “healthier” environment without these contrast limitations, the realme GT Neo 3T does very well in its night mode.

As for the portrait mode of the realme GT Neo 3T, it is very good, it is not perfect, but it is not bad at all. The blur in the background is quite well positioned, but can also sometimes run a bit over the subject, which can give a pretty average rendering. But in the end, his achievements on this side are very honorable.

realme GT Neo 3T realme GT Neo 3T

For video you shoot natively in 1080p but you can go up to 4K, the quality is quite good but at night, on the other hand, don’t expect much from video, on that side realme has a few more improvements to be made.

Note that all the photos for the article in collaboration with Celio and his Naruto collection were taken with the realme GT Neo 3T, you can go to the article to discover the photos.

The photos of the Elegoo Mars 3 test were also taken with the realme GT Neo 3T, just like the photos of the article for the Panini collection or the test of the Razer Kraken V3 Pro. Go check it out, it will give you an idea of ​​the photo display of realme smartphone.


The realme GT Neo 3T offers excellent performance with its Snapdragon 870 processor, which is certainly a bit dated, but still does the job very well. We can play most games on smartphones, if not all, without your smartphone experiencing any lag, if 8GB of RAM is welcome to run the machine and we can therefore do whatever we want with it. playing, surfing the net, watching videos, nothing can stop him. We have never been disappointed in our daily use, and not once has the realme GT nEo 3T left us an unfinished aftertaste.

realme GT neo 3T

Since we are talking about performance, we can also talk about the heating of the device, from what we have seen there are not many of them, the realme GT Neo 3T seems quite well calibrated on this side, the only one when it really heats up was because we were in full sun (which is actually normal), but in its use it is very correct at this point.


For the battery, as we revealed to you in the article on the presentation of the smartphone, we are fast charging. The smartphone holds the charge well with its 5000 mAh battery and the 80 W charger allows for fast and efficient charging. You can charge it up to 100% in 15 minutes and that’s really great!

Our opinion

It is a very beautiful smartphone that suits everyone. Whether you mainly want to use it for work and just surf the web, use your applications or make calls, or you are more demanding and need a powerful smartphone in your daily life, the realme GT Neo 3T is made for you. We were won over and we are still, suddenly, hesitating in choosing our next smartphone. The price is also interesting, for everything it offers and for the comfort of use and the power, you will not be disappointed with your purchase, let’s be clear.

realme GT Neo 3T realme GT Neo 3T

We advise you, we have not been able to test its big brother, the realme GT Neo 3, but in addition to the hormone-enhanced performance with its MediaTek Dimensity 8100 5G chip, it offers more power and above all an even more charge, quickly and efficiently. So the realme GT Neo 3T remains a very good investment if you can’t afford your brother.

realme GT Neo 3T price

  • the realme GT NEO 3T (12GB+256GB) and GT NEO 3T 8GO + 128 GBwill be available from June 15th on the realme website, Amazon and major retailers for the price of €469.99 for the 12GB+256GB version and €429.99 for the 12GB+128GB version.
  • Exclusive on June 9th on the realme website and Amazon on the occasion of the Flash sale for only 24 hours at the exceptional price of €429.99 (instead of EUR 469.99) for the 12GB+256GB version and €399.99 (instead of 429.99 euros) for the 12GB+128GB version.
  • In Early Bird from June 15 to 22, the GT NEO 3T (12GB+256GB) and GT NEO 3T 8GO + 128 GB) also benefits from a promotion on the realme website for the exceptional price of €429.99 (instead of EUR 469.99) for the 12GB+256GB version and €399.99 (instead of 429.99 euros) for the 12GB+128GB version. And only on Amazon for the GT NEO 3T (12GB+256GB) for the exceptional price of €429.99 (instead of 469.99 euros).

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